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Scalable Zero-shot Entity Linking with Dense Entity Retrieval

facebookresearch/BLINK EMNLP 2020

This paper introduces a conceptually simple, scalable, and highly effective BERT-based entity linking model, along with an extensive evaluation of its accuracy-speed trade-off.

Autoregressive Entity Retrieval

facebookresearch/GENRE ICLR 2021

For instance, Encyclopedias such as Wikipedia are structured by entities (e. g., one per Wikipedia article).

BEIR: A Heterogenous Benchmark for Zero-shot Evaluation of Information Retrieval Models

UKPLab/beir 17 Apr 2021

To address this, and to facilitate researchers to broadly evaluate the effectiveness of their models, we introduce Benchmarking-IR (BEIR), a robust and heterogeneous evaluation benchmark for information retrieval.

Ensemble of Neural Classifiers for Scoring Knowledge Base Triples

wsdm-cup-2017/lettuce 15 Mar 2017

This paper describes our approach for the triple scoring task at the WSDM Cup 2017.

Semantic Entity Retrieval Toolkit

cvangysel/SERT 12 Jun 2017

Unsupervised learning of low-dimensional, semantic representations of words and entities has recently gained attention.

Structural Regularities in Text-based Entity Vector Spaces

cvangysel/SERT 25 Jul 2017

We discover how clusterings of experts correspond to committees in organizations, the ability of expert representations to encode the co-author graph, and the degree to which they encode academic rank.

Semantic Preserving Embeddings for Generalized Graphs

palmagro/gg2vec 7 Sep 2017

A new approach to the study of Generalized Graphs as semantic data structures using machine learning techniques is presented.

Graph-Embedding Empowered Entity Retrieval

informagi/GEEER 6 May 2020

In this research, we improve upon the current state of the art in entity retrieval by re-ranking the result list using graph embeddings.

Entity Linking in 100 Languages

hazyresearch/tabi EMNLP 2020

We propose a new formulation for multilingual entity linking, where language-specific mentions resolve to a language-agnostic Knowledge Base.

GeoWINE: Geolocation based Wiki, Image,News and Event Retrieval

cleopatra-itn/GeoWINE 30 Apr 2021

The first module is a state-of-the-art model for geolocation estimation of images.