Event Extraction

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Determine the extent of the events in a text.

Other names: Event Tagging; Event Identification


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Event Extraction by Answering (Almost) Natural Questions

xinyadu/eeqa EMNLP 2020

The problem of event extraction requires detecting the event trigger and extracting its corresponding arguments.

From POS tagging to dependency parsing for biomedical event extraction

datquocnguyen/BioNLP 11 Aug 2018

Results: We perform an empirical study comparing state-of-the-art traditional feature-based and neural network-based models for two core natural language processing tasks of part-of-speech (POS) tagging and dependency parsing on two benchmark biomedical corpora, GENIA and CRAFT.

Doc2EDAG: An End-to-End Document-level Framework for Chinese Financial Event Extraction

dolphin-zs/Doc2EDAG IJCNLP 2019

Most existing event extraction (EE) methods merely extract event arguments within the sentence scope.

Entity, Relation, and Event Extraction with Contextualized Span Representations

dwadden/dygiepp IJCNLP 2019

We examine the capabilities of a unified, multi-task framework for three information extraction tasks: named entity recognition, relation extraction, and event extraction.

Document-level Event Extraction via Heterogeneous Graph-based Interaction Model with a Tracker

RunxinXu/GIT ACL 2021

Existing methods are not effective due to two challenges of this task: a) the target event arguments are scattered across sentences; b) the correlation among events in a document is non-trivial to model.

Document-level Event Extraction via Parallel Prediction Networks

hangyang-nlp/de-ppn ACL 2021

We argue that sentence-level extractors are ill-suited to the DEE task where event arguments always scatter across sentences and multiple events may co-exist in a document.

Everything Is All It Takes: A Multipronged Strategy for Zero-Shot Cross-Lingual Information Extraction

shijie-wu/crosslingual-nlp EMNLP 2021

Zero-shot cross-lingual information extraction (IE) describes the construction of an IE model for some target language, given existing annotations exclusively in some other language, typically English.

Generating Disentangled Arguments with Prompts: A Simple Event Extraction Framework that Works

ringbdstack/gdap 9 Oct 2021

Event Extraction bridges the gap between text and event signals.

Description of the Odin Event Extraction Framework and Rule Language

commitd/baleen-examples 24 Sep 2015

Here we include a thorough definition of the Odin rule language, together with a description of the Odin API in the Scala language, which allows one to apply these rules to arbitrary texts.