Explainable Recommendation

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Most implemented papers

KGAT: Knowledge Graph Attention Network for Recommendation

xiangwang1223/knowledge_graph_attention_network 20 May 2019

To provide more accurate, diverse, and explainable recommendation, it is compulsory to go beyond modeling user-item interactions and take side information into account.

Learning Heterogeneous Knowledge Base Embeddings for Explainable Recommendation

xiangwang1223/knowledge_graph_attention_network 9 May 2018

Specifically, we propose a knowledge-base representation learning framework to embed heterogeneous entities for recommendation, and based on the embedded knowledge base, a soft matching algorithm is proposed to generate personalized explanations for the recommended items.

Counterfactual Explainable Recommendation

evison/Sentires 24 Aug 2021

Technically, for each item recommended to each user, CountER formulates a joint optimization problem to generate minimal changes on the item aspects so as to create a counterfactual item, such that the recommendation decision on the counterfactual item is reversed.

Jointly Learning Explainable Rules for Recommendation with Knowledge Graph

THUIR/RuleRec 9 Mar 2019

The framework encourages two modules to complement each other in generating effective and explainable recommendation: 1) inductive rules, mined from item-centric knowledge graphs, summarize common multi-hop relational patterns for inferring different item associations and provide human-readable explanation for model prediction; 2) recommendation module can be augmented by induced rules and thus have better generalization ability dealing with the cold-start issue.

Reinforcement Knowledge Graph Reasoning for Explainable Recommendation

orcax/PGPR 12 Jun 2019

To this end, we propose a method called Policy-Guided Path Reasoning (PGPR), which couples recommendation and interpretability by providing actual paths in a knowledge graph.

Hybrid Deep Embedding for Recommendations with Dynamic Aspect-Level Explanations

lola63/HDE-Python 18 Jan 2020

Particularly, as the aspect preference/quality of users/items is learned automatically, HDE is able to capture the impact of aspects that are not mentioned in reviews of a user or an item.

Path-Based Reasoning over Heterogeneous Networks for Recommendation via Bidirectional Modeling

0411tony/Yue 10 Aug 2020

Despite their effectiveness, these models are often confronted with the following limitations: (1) Most prior path-based reasoning models only consider the influence of the predecessors on the subsequent nodes when modeling the sequences, and ignore the reciprocity between the nodes in a path; (2) The weights of nodes in the same path instance are usually assumed to be constant, whereas varied weights of nodes can bring more flexibility and lead to expressive modeling; (3) User-item interactions are noisy, but they are often indiscriminately exploited.

CAFE: Coarse-to-Fine Neural Symbolic Reasoning for Explainable Recommendation

orcax/CAFE 29 Oct 2020

User profiles can capture prominent user behaviors from the history, and provide valuable signals about which kinds of path patterns are more likely to lead to potential items of interest for the user.

EXTRA: Explanation Ranking Datasets for Explainable Recommendation

lileipisces/EXTRA 20 Feb 2021

To achieve a standard way of evaluating recommendation explanations, we provide three benchmark datasets for EXplanaTion RAnking (denoted as EXTRA), on which explainability can be measured by ranking-oriented metrics.