Extreme Multi-Label Classification

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Extreme Multi-Label Classification is a supervised learning problem where an instance may be associated with multiple labels. The two main problems are the unbalanced labels in the dataset and the amount of different labels.


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Node Feature Extraction by Self-Supervised Multi-scale Neighborhood Prediction

amzn/pecos ICLR 2022

We also provide a theoretical analysis that justifies the use of XMC over link prediction and motivates integrating XR-Transformers, a powerful method for solving XMC problems, into the GIANT framework.

Bonsai -- Diverse and Shallow Trees for Extreme Multi-label Classification

xmc-aalto/bonsai 17 Apr 2019

In this paper, we develop a suite of algorithms, called Bonsai, which generalizes the notion of label representation in XMC, and partitions the labels in the representation space to learn shallow trees.

DiSMEC - Distributed Sparse Machines for Extreme Multi-label Classification

Refefer/fastxml 8 Sep 2016

In this work, we present DiSMEC, which is a large-scale distributed framework for learning one-versus-rest linear classifiers coupled with explicit capacity control to control model size.

Taming Pretrained Transformers for Extreme Multi-label Text Classification

OctoberChang/X-Transformer 7 May 2019

However, naively applying deep transformer models to the XMC problem leads to sub-optimal performance due to the large output space and the label sparsity issue.

Probabilistic Label Trees for Extreme Multi-label Classification

mwydmuch/napkinXC 23 Sep 2020

We first introduce the PLT model and discuss training and inference procedures and their computational costs.

Deep Extreme Multi-label Learning

theGuyWithBlackTie/Deep-Extreme-Multi-Label-Learning 12 Apr 2017

Extreme multi-label learning (XML) or classification has been a practical and important problem since the boom of big data.

Revisiting the Vector Space Model: Sparse Weighted Nearest-Neighbor Method for Extreme Multi-Label Classification

hiro4bbh/sticker 12 Feb 2018

Finally, we show that the Sparse Weighted Nearest-Neighbor Method can process data points in real time on XMLC datasets with equivalent performance to SOTA models, with a single thread and smaller storage footprint.

Adversarial Extreme Multi-label Classification

xmc-aalto/proxml 5 Mar 2018

The goal in extreme multi-label classification is to learn a classifier which can assign a small subset of relevant labels to an instance from an extremely large set of target labels.

Learning a Compressed Sensing Measurement Matrix via Gradient Unrolling

wushanshan/L1AE 26 Jun 2018

Our experiments show that there is indeed additional structure beyond sparsity in the real datasets; our method is able to discover it and exploit it to create excellent reconstructions with fewer measurements (by a factor of 1. 1-3x) compared to the previous state-of-the-art methods.