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A Convolutional Attention Network for Extreme Summarization of Source Code

mdrafiqulrabin/tnpa-generalizability 9 Feb 2016

Attention mechanisms in neural networks have proved useful for problems in which the input and output do not have fixed dimension.

ByT5: Towards a token-free future with pre-trained byte-to-byte models

google-research/byt5 28 May 2021

Most widely-used pre-trained language models operate on sequences of tokens corresponding to word or subword units.

Don't Give Me the Details, Just the Summary! Topic-Aware Convolutional Neural Networks for Extreme Summarization

shashiongithub/XSum EMNLP 2018

We introduce extreme summarization, a new single-document summarization task which does not favor extractive strategies and calls for an abstractive modeling approach.

What is this Article about? Extreme Summarization with Topic-aware Convolutional Neural Networks

shashiongithub/XSum 19 Jul 2019

We introduce 'extreme summarization', a new single-document summarization task which aims at creating a short, one-sentence news summary answering the question ``What is the article about?''.

Multi-XScience: A Large-scale Dataset for Extreme Multi-document Summarization of Scientific Articles

yaolu/Multi-XScience EMNLP 2020

Multi-document summarization is a challenging task for which there exists little large-scale datasets.

IndicBART: A Pre-trained Model for Indic Natural Language Generation

AI4Bharat/indic-bart Findings (ACL) 2022

We present IndicBART, a multilingual, sequence-to-sequence pre-trained model focusing on 11 Indic languages and English.

TLDR9+: A Large Scale Resource for Extreme Summarization of Social Media Posts

sajastu/reddit_collector EMNLP (newsum) 2021

Recent models in developing summarization systems consist of millions of parameters and the model performance is highly dependent on the abundance of training data.

CiteSum: Citation Text-guided Scientific Extreme Summarization and Domain Adaptation with Limited Supervision

morningmoni/citesum 12 May 2022

Scientific extreme summarization (TLDR) aims to form ultra-short summaries of scientific papers.

X-SCITLDR: Cross-Lingual Extreme Summarization of Scholarly Documents

sobamchan/xscitldr 30 May 2022

The number of scientific publications nowadays is rapidly increasing, causing information overload for researchers and making it hard for scholars to keep up to date with current trends and lines of work.