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ByT5: Towards a token-free future with pre-trained byte-to-byte models

huggingface/transformers 28 May 2021

In this paper, we show that a standard Transformer architecture can be used with minimal modifications to process byte sequences.

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What is this Article about? Extreme Summarization with Topic-aware Convolutional Neural Networks

shashiongithub/XSum 19 Jul 2019

We introduce 'extreme summarization', a new single-document summarization task which aims at creating a short, one-sentence news summary answering the question ``What is the article about?''.

Document Summarization Extreme Summarization

Don't Give Me the Details, Just the Summary! Topic-Aware Convolutional Neural Networks for Extreme Summarization

shashiongithub/XSum EMNLP 2018

We introduce extreme summarization, a new single-document summarization task which does not favor extractive strategies and calls for an abstractive modeling approach.

Document Summarization Extreme Summarization

A Convolutional Attention Network for Extreme Summarization of Source Code

samialabed/method-name-prediction 9 Feb 2016

Attention mechanisms in neural networks have proved useful for problems in which the input and output do not have fixed dimension.

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TLDR9+: A Large Scale Resource for Extreme Summarization of Social Media Posts

sajastu/reddit_collector EMNLP (newsum) 2021

Recent models in developing summarization systems consist of millions of parameters and the model performance is highly dependent on the abundance of training data.

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