Face Age Editing

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Most implemented papers

Lifespan Age Transformation Synthesis

royorel/Lifespan_Age_Transformation_Synthesis ECCV 2020

Most existing aging methods are limited to changing the texture, overlooking transformations in head shape that occur during the human aging and growth process.

High Resolution Face Age Editing

InterDigitalInc/HRFAE 9 May 2020

We present an encoder-decoder architecture for face age editing.

Only a Matter of Style: Age Transformation Using a Style-Based Regression Model

yuval-alaluf/SAM 4 Feb 2021

In this formulation, our method approaches the continuous aging process as a regression task between the input age and desired target age, providing fine-grained control over the generated image.

Custom Structure Preservation in Face Aging

guillermogotre/cusp 22 Jul 2022

In this work, we propose a novel architecture for face age editing that can produce structural modifications while maintaining relevant details present in the original image.