Face Alignment

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Face alignment is the task of identifying the geometric structure of faces in digital images, and attempting to obtain a canonical alignment of the face based on translation, scale, and rotation.

( Image credit: 3DDFA_V2 )


Use these libraries to find Face Alignment models and implementations

VToonify: Controllable High-Resolution Portrait Video Style Transfer

williamyang1991/vtoonify 22 Sep 2022

Although a series of successful portrait image toonification models built upon the powerful StyleGAN have been proposed, these image-oriented methods have obvious limitations when applied to videos, such as the fixed frame size, the requirement of face alignment, missing non-facial details and temporal inconsistency.

22 Sep 2022

ACR Loss: Adaptive Coordinate-based Regression Loss for Face Alignment

aliprf/acr-loss 29 Mar 2022

Heatmap-based Regression (HBR) and Coordinate-based Regression (CBR) are among the two mainly used methods for face alignment.

29 Mar 2022

ImFace: A Nonlinear 3D Morphable Face Model with Implicit Neural Representations

mingwuzheng/imface CVPR 2022

Precise representations of 3D faces are beneficial to various computer vision and graphics applications.

28 Mar 2022

Sparse Local Patch Transformer for Robust Face Alignment and Landmarks Inherent Relation Learning

jiahao-uts/slpt-master CVPR 2022

The SLPT generates the representation of each single landmark from a local patch and aggregates them by an adaptive inherent relation based on the attention mechanism.

13 Mar 2022

Occlusion-Robust Face Alignment Using a Viewpoint-Invariant Hierarchical Network Architecture

zhuccly/glomface-face-alignment CVPR 2022

The occlusion problem heavily degrades the localization performance of face alignment.

01 Jan 2022

Reasoning Structural Relation for Occlusion-Robust Facial Landmark Localization

zhuccly/srn 19 Dec 2021

Moreover, the SRN augments the training data by synthesizing occluded faces.

19 Dec 2021

General Facial Representation Learning in a Visual-Linguistic Manner

FacePerceiver/FaRL CVPR 2022

In this paper, we study the transfer performance of pre-trained models on face analysis tasks and introduce a framework, called FaRL, for general Facial Representation Learning in a visual-linguistic manner.

06 Dec 2021

FaceAtlasAR: Atlas of Facial Acupuncture Points in Augmented Reality

zhangmenghe/mediapipe 29 Nov 2021

Acupuncture is a technique in which practitioners stimulate specific points on the body.

29 Nov 2021

Facial Landmark Points Detection Using Knowledge Distillation-Based Neural Networks

aliprf/kd-loss 13 Nov 2021

We use two Teacher networks, a Tolerant-Teacher and a Tough-Teacher in conjunction with the Student network.

13 Nov 2021

Synergy between 3DMM and 3D Landmarks for Accurate 3D Facial Geometry

tomas-gajarsky/facetorch 19 Oct 2021

Our synergy process leverages a representation cycle for 3DMM parameters and 3D landmarks.

19 Oct 2021