Face Alignment

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Face alignment is the task of identifying the geometric structure of faces in digital images, and attempting to obtain a canonical alignment of the face based on translation, scale, and rotation.

( Image credit: 3DDFA_V2 )


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Fake It Till You Make It: Face analysis in the wild using synthetic data alone

microsoft/FaceSynthetics ICCV 2021

We demonstrate that it is possible to perform face-related computer vision in the wild using synthetic data alone.

30 Sep 2021

LDDMM-Face: Large Deformation Diffeomorphic Metric Learning for Cross-annotation Face Alignment

fortest66656/fortest 29 Sep 2021

We innovatively propose a flexible and consistent cross-annotation face alignment framework, LDDMM-Face, the key contribution of which is a deformation layer that naturally embeds facial geometry in a diffeomorphic way.

29 Sep 2021

Knowing When to Quit: Selective Cascaded Regression with Patch Attention for Real-Time Face Alignment

ligaripash/KWtQ-face-alignment 1 Aug 2021

Facial landmarks (FLM) estimation is a critical component in many face-related applications.

01 Aug 2021

Face.evoLVe: A High-Performance Face Recognition Library

ZhaoJ9014/face.evoLVe.PyTorch 19 Jul 2021

In this paper, we develop face. evoLVe -- a comprehensive library that collects and implements a wide range of popular deep learning-based methods for face recognition.

19 Jul 2021

SADRNet: Self-Aligned Dual Face Regression Networks for Robust 3D Dense Face Alignment and Reconstruction

MCG-NJU/SADRNet 6 Jun 2021

Three-dimensional face dense alignment and reconstruction in the wild is a challenging problem as partial facial information is commonly missing in occluded and large pose face images.

06 Jun 2021

HIH: Towards More Accurate Face Alignment via Heatmap in Heatmap

starhiking/HeatmapInHeatmap 7 Apr 2021

In particular, our HIH reaches 4. 08 NME (Normalized Mean Error) on WFLW, and 3. 21 on COFW, which exceeds previous methods by a significant margin.

07 Apr 2021

Pre-training strategies and datasets for facial representation learning

tomas-gajarsky/facetorch 30 Mar 2021

Recent work on Deep Learning in the area of face analysis has focused on supervised learning for specific tasks of interest (e. g. face recognition, facial landmark localization etc.)

30 Mar 2021

ASMNet: a Lightweight Deep Neural Network for Face Alignment and Pose Estimation

aliprf/ASMNet 27 Feb 2021

We compare the performance of our proposed model called ASMNet with MobileNetV2 (which is about 2 times bigger than ASMNet) in both the face alignment and pose estimation tasks.

27 Feb 2021

Weakly-Supervised Multi-Face 3D Reconstruction

kalyo-zjl/WM3DR 6 Jan 2021

3D face reconstruction plays a very important role in many real-world multimedia applications, including digital entertainment, social media, affection analysis, and person identification.

06 Jan 2021

Improving Robustness of Facial Landmark Detection by Defending Against Adversarial Attacks

zhuccly/saat ICCV 2021

We argue that exploring the weaknesses of the detector so as to remedy them is a promising method of robust facial landmark detection.

01 Jan 2021