Face Detection

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Face detection is the task of detecting faces in a photo or video (and distinguishing them from other objects).

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Robustness Analysis of Deep Learning Frameworks on Mobile Platforms

aminesi/robustness-on-device 20 Sep 2021

This requires frameworks to execute machine learning models (e. g., Deep Neural Networks) on mobile devices.

Face Detection Quantization +1

20 Sep 2021

Robustness Disparities in Commercial Face Detection

dooleys/robustness-disparities-in-commercial-face-detection 27 Aug 2021

Facial detection and analysis systems have been deployed by large companies and critiqued by scholars and activists for the past decade.

Face Detection

27 Aug 2021

R2RNet: Low-light Image Enhancement via Real-low to Real-normal Network

abcdef2000/R2RNet 28 Jun 2021

And we also show that the performance of the high-level visual task (\emph{i. e.} face detection) can be effectively improved by using the enhanced results obtained by our method in low-light conditions.

Denoising Face Detection +1

28 Jun 2021

Sejong Face Database: A Multi-Modal Disguise Face Database

usmancheema89/SejongFaceDatabase 14 Jun 2021

However, the lack of availability of face databases with a variety of disguise addons limits the development of academic research in the area.

Face Detection Face Recognition

14 Jun 2021

HPRNet: Hierarchical Point Regression for Whole-Body Human Pose Estimation

nerminsamet/HPRNet 8 Jun 2021

Differently, in whole-body pose estimation, the locations of fine-grained keypoints (68 on face, 21 on each hand and 3 on each foot) are estimated as well, which creates a scale variance problem that needs to be addressed.

Face Detection Facial Landmark Detection +4

08 Jun 2021

YOLO5Face: Why Reinventing a Face Detector

deepcam-cn/yolov5-face 27 May 2021

Tremendous progress has been made on face detection in recent years using convolutional neural networks.

Face Detection Object Detection

27 May 2021

Sample and Computation Redistribution for Efficient Face Detection

deepinsight/insightface 10 May 2021

Although tremendous strides have been made in uncontrolled face detection, efficient face detection with a low computation cost as well as high precision remains an open challenge.

Face Detection

10 May 2021

Low-Light Image and Video Enhancement Using Deep Learning: A Survey

Li-Chongyi/Lighting-the-Darkness-in-the-Deep-Learning-Era-Open 21 Apr 2021

In addition to qualitative and quantitative evaluation of existing methods on publicly available and our proposed datasets, we also validate their performance in face detection in the dark.

Face Detection Low-Light Image Enhancement +1

21 Apr 2021

Representative Forgery Mining for Fake Face Detection

crywang/RFM CVPR 2021

Although vanilla Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) based detectors can achieve satisfactory performance on fake face detection, we observe that the detectors tend to seek forgeries on a limited region of face, which reveals that the detectors is short of understanding of forgery.

Data Augmentation Face Detection

14 Apr 2021

HLA-Face: Joint High-Low Adaptation for Low Light Face Detection

daooshee/HLA-Face-Code CVPR 2021

To reduce the burden of building new datasets for low light conditions, we make full use of existing normal light data and explore how to adapt face detectors from normal light to low light.

Autonomous Driving Face Detection

05 Apr 2021