Face Parsing

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Classify pixels of a face image into different classes based on a given bounding box.

Most implemented papers

Micro Expression Generation with Thin-plate Spline Motion Model and Face Parsing

howtonameme/micro-expression MM '22: Proceedings of the 30th ACM International Conference on Multimedia 2022

We (Team: USTC-IAT-United) also compare our method with other competitors' in MEGC2022, and the expert evaluation results show that our method performs best, which verifies the effectiveness of our method.

Face Parsing with RoI Tanh-Warping

sicxu/Deep3dPortrait CVPR 2019

It uses hierarchical local based method for inner facial components and global methods for outer facial components.

EHANet: An Effective Hierarchical Aggregation Network for Face Parsing

JACKYLUO1991/FaceParsing Applied Sciences 2020

In recent years, benefiting from deep convolutional neural networks (DCNNs), face parsing has developed rapidly.

RoI Tanh-polar Transformer Network for Face Parsing in the Wild

hhj1897/face_parsing 4 Feb 2021

Face parsing aims to predict pixel-wise labels for facial components of a target face in an image.

High Resolution Face Editing with Masked GAN Latent Code Optimization

MartinPernus/MaskFaceGAN 20 Mar 2021

The proposed approach is based on an optimization procedure that directly optimizes the latent code of a pre-trained (state-of-the-art) Generative Adversarial Network (i. e., StyleGAN2) with respect to several constraints that ensure: (i) preservation of relevant image content, (ii) generation of the targeted facial attributes, and (iii) spatially--selective treatment of local image areas.

E2Style: Improve the Efficiency and Effectiveness of StyleGAN Inversion

wty-ustc/e2style 15 Apr 2021

This paper studies the problem of StyleGAN inversion, which plays an essential role in enabling the pretrained StyleGAN to be used for real image editing tasks.

Weakly-supervised Caricature Face Parsing through Domain Adaptation

ZJULearning/CariFaceParsing 13 May 2019

However, current state-of-the-art face parsing methods require large amounts of labeled data on the pixel-level and such process for caricature is tedious and labor-intensive.

End-to-End Face Parsing via Interlinked Convolutional Neural Networks

aod321/STN-iCNN 12 Feb 2020

Face parsing is an important computer vision task that requires accurate pixel segmentation of facial parts (such as eyes, nose, mouth, etc.

Edge-aware Graph Representation Learning and Reasoning for Face Parsing

tegusi/EAGRNet ECCV 2020

Specifically, we encode a facial image onto a global graph representation where a collection of pixels ("regions") with similar features are projected to each vertex.

Progressive Semantic-Aware Style Transformation for Blind Face Restoration

chaofengc/PSFRGAN CVPR 2021

Compared with previous networks, the proposed PSFR-GAN makes full use of the semantic (parsing maps) and pixel (LQ images) space information from different scales of input pairs.