Facial Expression Recognition

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Facial expression recognition is the task of classifying the expressions on face images into various categories such as anger, fear, surprise, sadness, happiness and so on.

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Greatest papers with code

Suppressing Uncertainties for Large-Scale Facial Expression Recognition

kaiwang960112/Self-Cure-Network CVPR 2020

Annotating a qualitative large-scale facial expression dataset is extremely difficult due to the uncertainties caused by ambiguous facial expressions, low-quality facial images, and the subjectiveness of annotators.

Facial Expression Recognition

Frame attention networks for facial expression recognition in videos

Open-Debin/Emotion-FAN 29 Jun 2019

The feature embedding module is a deep Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) which embeds face images into feature vectors.

Facial Expression Recognition

Region Attention Networks for Pose and Occlusion Robust Facial Expression Recognition

kaiwang960112/Challenge-condition-FER-dataset 10 May 2019

Extensive experiments show that our RAN and region biased loss largely improve the performance of FER with occlusion and variant pose.

Facial Expression Recognition

Challenges in Representation Learning: A report on three machine learning contests

phamquiluan/ResidualMaskingNetwork 1 Jul 2013

The ICML 2013 Workshop on Challenges in Representation Learning focused on three challenges: the black box learning challenge, the facial expression recognition challenge, and the multimodal learning challenge.

 Ranked #1 on Facial Expression Recognition on FER2013 (using extra training data)

Facial Expression Recognition Representation Learning

Efficient Facial Feature Learning with Wide Ensemble-based Convolutional Neural Networks

siqueira-hc/Efficient-Facial-Feature-Learning-with-Wide-Ensemble-based-Convolutional-Neural-Networks 17 Jan 2020

Experiments on large-scale datasets suggest that ESRs reduce the remaining residual generalization error on the AffectNet and FER+ datasets, reach human-level performance, and outperform state-of-the-art methods on facial expression recognition in the wild using emotion and affect concepts.

Ranked #2 on Facial Expression Recognition on FER+ (using extra training data)

Facial Expression Recognition

MicroExpNet: An Extremely Small and Fast Model For Expression Recognition From Face Images

cuguilke/microexpnet 19 Nov 2017

On the other hand, KD is proved to be useful for model compression for the FER problem, and we discovered that its effects gets more and more significant with the decreasing model size.

Facial Expression Recognition Knowledge Distillation +1

Deep-Emotion: Facial Expression Recognition Using Attentional Convolutional Network

omarsayed7/Deep-Emotion 4 Feb 2019

In recent years, several works proposed an end-to-end framework for facial expression recognition, using deep learning models.

Facial Expression Recognition

Covariance Pooling For Facial Expression Recognition

d-acharya/CovPoolFER 13 May 2018

In this work, we explore the benefits of using a man- ifold network structure for covariance pooling to improve facial expression recognition.

Facial Expression Recognition