Facial Expression Translation

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Most implemented papers

Unified Generative Adversarial Networks for Controllable Image-to-Image Translation

Ha0Tang/GestureGAN 12 Dec 2019

The proposed model consists of a single generator and a discriminator taking a conditional image and the target controllable structure as input.

Toward Fine-grained Facial Expression Manipulation

junleen/Expression-manipulator ECCV 2020

Previous methods edit an input image under the guidance of a discrete emotion label or absolute condition (e. g., facial action units) to possess the desired expression.

Facial Expression Translation using Landmark Guided GANs

ha0tang/landmarkgan 5 Sep 2022

We propose a simple yet powerful Landmark guided Generative Adversarial Network (LandmarkGAN) for the facial expression-to-expression translation using a single image, which is an important and challenging task in computer vision since the expression-to-expression translation is a non-linear and non-aligned problem.