Facial Makeup Transfer

4 papers with code • 2 benchmarks • 3 datasets

Facial makeup transfer aims to translate the makeup style from a given reference makeup face image to another non-makeup one while preserving face identity.

Most implemented papers

Disentangled Makeup Transfer with Generative Adversarial Network

Honlan/DMT 2 Jul 2019

Facial makeup transfer is a widely-used technology that aims to transfer the makeup style from a reference face image to a non-makeup face.

Compressing Facial Makeup Transfer Networks by Collaborative Distillation and Kernel Decomposition

Jian-danai/Decompose-Distill-BeautyGAN 16 Sep 2020

Although the facial makeup transfer network has achieved high-quality performance in generating perceptually pleasing makeup images, its capability is still restricted by the massive computation and storage of the network architecture.

Lipstick ain't enough: Beyond Color Matching for In-the-Wild Makeup Transfer

VinAIResearch/CPM CVPR 2021

However, existing works overlooked the latter components and confined makeup transfer to color manipulation, focusing only on light makeup styles.

DRAN: Detailed Region-Adaptive Normalization for Conditional Image Synthesis

2024-MindSpore-1/Code10 29 Sep 2021

To evaluate the effectiveness and show the general use of our method, we conduct a set of experiments on makeup transfer and semantic image synthesis.