Fine-Grained Action Detection

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Most implemented papers

Learning Motion in Feature Space: Locally-Consistent Deformable Convolution Networks for Fine-Grained Action Detection

knmac/LCDC_release ICCV 2019

Fine-grained action detection is an important task with numerous applications in robotics and human-computer interaction.

FineAction: A Fine-Grained Video Dataset for Temporal Action Localization

Richard-61/FineAction 24 May 2021

Temporal action localization (TAL) is an important and challenging problem in video understanding.

Few-Shot Temporal Action Localization with Query Adaptive Transformer

sauradip/fewshotQAT 20 Oct 2021

Further, a novel FS-TAL model is proposed which maximizes the knowledge transfer from training classes whilst enabling the model to be dynamically adapted to both the new class and each video of that class simultaneously.

Sports Video: Fine-Grained Action Detection and Classification of Table Tennis Strokes from Videos for MediaEval 2021

ccp-eva/sporttaskme21 16 Dec 2021

Sports video analysis is a prevalent research topic due to the variety of application areas, ranging from multimedia intelligent devices with user-tailored digests up to analysis of athletes' performance.

E^2TAD: An Energy-Efficient Tracking-based Action Detector

VITA-Group/21LPCV-UAV-Solution 9 Apr 2022

Video action detection (spatio-temporal action localization) is usually the starting point for human-centric intelligent analysis of videos nowadays.

Weakly-Supervised Temporal Action Detection for Fine-Grained Videos with Hierarchical Atomic Actions

lizhi1104/haan 24 Jul 2022

Action understanding has evolved into the era of fine granularity, as most human behaviors in real life have only minor differences.

Holistic Interaction Transformer Network for Action Detection

joslefaure/hit 23 Oct 2022

Actions are about how we interact with the environment, including other people, objects, and ourselves.

Sport Task: Fine Grained Action Detection and Classification of Table Tennis Strokes from Videos for MediaEval 2022

ccp-eva/sporttaskme22 31 Jan 2023

Since 2021, the task also provides a stroke detection challenge from unannotated, untrimmed videos.

Fine-Grained Action Detection with RGB and Pose Information using Two Stream Convolutional Networks

fidsinn/sporttaskme22 6 Feb 2023

As participants of the MediaEval 2022 Sport Task, we propose a two-stream network approach for the classification and detection of table tennis strokes.