Font Recognition

3 papers with code • 6 benchmarks • 7 datasets

Font recognition (also called visual font recognition or optical font recognition) is the task of identifying the font family or families used in images containing text. Understanding which fonts are used in text may, for example, help designers find the right style, as well as help select an optical character recognition engine or model that is a better fit for certain texts.

Most implemented papers

DeepFont: Identify Your Font from An Image

robinreni96/Font_Recognition-DeepFont 12 Jul 2015

As font is one of the core design concepts, automatic font identification and similar font suggestion from an image or photo has been on the wish list of many designers.

Character-independent font identification

PhamQuocHuy1101/Character-independent-font-identification 24 Jan 2020

Moreover, we analyzed the relationship between character classes and font identification accuracy.

HENet: Forcing a Network to Think More for Font Recognition

PhamQuocHuy1101/transfer-learning-template 21 Oct 2021

Although lots of progress were made in Text Recognition/OCR in recent years, the task of font recognition is remaining challenging.