Font Style Transfer

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Font style transfer is the task of converting text written in one font into text written in another font while preserving the meaning of the original text. It is used to change the appearance of text while keeping its content intact.

Most implemented papers

Multi-Content GAN for Few-Shot Font Style Transfer

azadis/MC-GAN CVPR 2018

In this work, we focus on the challenge of taking partial observations of highly-stylized text and generalizing the observations to generate unobserved glyphs in the ornamented typeface.

Typeface Completion with Generative Adversarial Networks

yongqyu/TCN 9 Nov 2018

However, in designing a typeface, it is difficult to keep the style of various characters consistent, especially for languages with lots of morphological variations such as Chinese.

Attribute2Font: Creating Fonts You Want From Attributes

hologerry/Attr2Font 16 May 2020

To the best of our knowledge, our model is the first one in the literature which is capable of generating glyph images in new font styles, instead of retrieving existing fonts, according to given values of specified font attributes.

Font Representation Learning via Paired-glyph Matching

junhocho/paired-glyph-matching 20 Nov 2022

For the discriminative representation of a font from others, we propose a paired-glyph matching-based font representation learning model that attracts the representations of glyphs in the same font to one another, but pushes away those of other fonts.