Food Recognition

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Most implemented papers

NU-InNet: Thai Food Image Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Networks on Smartphone

chakkritte/NU-InNet 1 Aug 2017

In this paper, the image recognition for Thai food using a smartphone is studied.

Deep learning approaches in food recognition

chairiq/FoodCNNs 4 Apr 2020

Automatic image-based food recognition is a particularly challenging task.

Mining Discriminative Food Regions for Accurate Food Recognition

jianing-qiu/parnet 8 Jul 2022

Taking inspiration from Adversarial Erasing, a strategy that progressively discovers discriminative object regions for weakly supervised semantic segmentation, we propose a novel network architecture in which a primary network maintains the base accuracy of classifying an input image, an auxiliary network adversarially mines discriminative food regions, and a region network classifies the resulting mined regions.