Food recommendation

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Most implemented papers

Market2Dish: Health-aware Food Recommendation

WenjieWWJ/FoodRec 11 Dec 2020

With the rising incidence of some diseases, such as obesity and diabetes, a healthy diet is arousing increasing attention.

Personalized Food Recommendation as Constrained Question Answering over a Large-scale Food Knowledge Graph

hugochan/PFoodReq 5 Jan 2021

Food recommendation has become an important means to help guide users to adopt healthy dietary habits.

FoodLogoDet-1500: A Dataset for Large-Scale Food Logo Detection via Multi-Scale Feature Decoupling Network

hq03/foodlogodet-1500-dataset 10 Aug 2021

For that, we propose a novel food logo detection method Multi-scale Feature Decoupling Network (MFDNet), which decouples classification and regression into two branches and focuses on the classification branch to solve the problem of distinguishing multiple food logo categories.

Food Recommendations for Reducing Water Footprint

TurconiAndrea/water-footprint-reducer-rs Sustainability 2022

Therefore, in this work, we present a personalized food recommendation scheme, mapping the ingredients to the most resource-friendly dishes on the planet and in particular, selecting recipes that contain ingredients that consume as little water as possible for their production.

Cook-Gen: Robust Generative Modeling of Cooking Actions from Recipes

revathyramanan/cooking-action-generation 1 Jun 2023

In this study, we explore the use of generative AI methods to extend current food computation models, primarily involving the analysis of nutrition and ingredients, to also incorporate cooking actions (e. g., add salt, fry the meat, boil the vegetables, etc.).

Explainable Active Learning for Preference Elicitation

furkancanturk/explainable_active_learning 1 Sep 2023

We implement the proposed preference elicitation methodology for food recommendation.

SeeDS: Semantic Separable Diffusion Synthesizer for Zero-shot Food Detection

lancezpf/seeds 7 Oct 2023

To tackle this, we propose the Semantic Separable Diffusion Synthesizer (SeeDS) framework for Zero-Shot Food Detection (ZSFD).