Foreground Segmentation

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One-Shot Video Object Segmentation

kmaninis/OSVOS-PyTorch CVPR 2017

This paper tackles the task of semi-supervised video object segmentation, i. e., the separation of an object from the background in a video, given the mask of the first frame.

Neural Head Reenactment with Latent Pose Descriptors

shrubb/latent-pose-reenactment CVPR 2020

We propose a neural head reenactment system, which is driven by a latent pose representation and is capable of predicting the foreground segmentation alongside the RGB image.

Explicit Visual Prompting for Universal Foreground Segmentations

nifangbaage/explicit-visual-prompt 29 May 2023

We take inspiration from the widely-used pre-training and then prompt tuning protocols in NLP and propose a new visual prompting model, named Explicit Visual Prompting (EVP).

Foreground Segmentation Using a Triplet Convolutional Neural Network for Multiscale Feature Encoding

lim-anggun/FgSegNet 7 Jan 2018

Our network takes an RGB image in three different scales and produces a foreground segmentation probability mask for the corresponding image.

One-Shot Segmentation in Clutter

michaelisc/cluttered-omniglot ICML 2018

We tackle the problem of one-shot segmentation: finding and segmenting a previously unseen object in a cluttered scene based on a single instruction example.

Learning Multi-scale Features for Foreground Segmentation

lim-anggun/FgSegNet_v2 4 Aug 2018

Foreground segmentation algorithms aim segmenting moving objects from the background in a robust way under various challenging scenarios.

Online Mutual Foreground Segmentation for Multispectral Stereo Videos

plstcharles/litiv 8 Sep 2018

The segmentation of video sequences into foreground and background regions is a low-level process commonly used in video content analysis and smart surveillance applications.

Illumination-Based Data Augmentation for Robust Background Subtraction

dksakkos/illumination_augmentation 18 Oct 2019

A core challenge in background subtraction (BGS) is handling videos with sudden illumination changes in consecutive frames.

"What's This?" -- Learning to Segment Unknown Objects from Manipulation Sequences

DLR-RM/DistinctNet 6 Nov 2020

Furthermore, while the motion of the manipulator and the object are substantial cues for our algorithm, we present means to robustly deal with distraction objects moving in the background, as well as with completely static scenes.

Rethinking Interactive Image Segmentation: Feature Space Annotation

lids-unicamp/rethinking-interactive-image-segmentation 12 Jan 2021

This strategy is in stark contrast to existing interactive segmentation methodologies, which perform annotation in the image domain.