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DRAW: A Recurrent Neural Network For Image Generation

ericjang/draw 16 Feb 2015

This paper introduces the Deep Recurrent Attentive Writer (DRAW) neural network architecture for image generation.

Emergent Properties of Foveated Perceptual Systems

ArturoDeza/EmergentProperties 14 Jun 2020

The primary model has a foveated-textural input stage, which we compare to a model with foveated-blurred input and a model with spatially-uniform blurred input (both matched for perceptual compression), and a final reference model with minimal input-based compression.

Deep Co-attention based Comparators For Relative Representation Learning in Person Re-identification

gitabcworld/ConvArc 30 Apr 2018

Recent effective methods are developed in a pair-wise similarity learning system to detect a fixed set of features from distinct regions which are mapped to their vector embeddings for the distance measuring.

Foveation for Segmentation of Ultra-High Resolution Images

lxasqjc/Foveation-Segmentation 29 Jul 2020

We demonstrate on three publicly available high-resolution image datasets that the foveation module consistently improves segmentation performance over the cases trained with patches of fixed FoV/resolution trade-off.

Optimal visual search based on a model of target detectability in natural images

rashidis/bio_based_detectability NeurIPS 2020

Finally, the model of target detectability is used in a Bayesian ideal observer model of visual search, and compared to human search performance.

CUDA-Optimized real-time rendering of a Foveated Visual System

ElianMalkin/foveate_blockwise NeurIPS Workshop SVRHM 2020

The spatially-varying field of the human visual system has recently received a resurgence of interest with the development of virtual reality (VR) and neural networks.

Human Eyes Inspired Recurrent Neural Networks are More Robust Against Adversarial Noises

minkyu-choi04/rs-rnn 15 Jun 2022

Compared to human vision, computer vision based on convolutional neural networks (CNN) are more vulnerable to adversarial noises.

Foveation in the Era of Deep Learning

georgekillick90/fovconvnext 3 Dec 2023

In this paper, we tackle the challenge of actively attending to visual scenes using a foveated sensor.