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Context Based Approach for Second Language Acquisition

iampuntre/slam18 WS 2018

Our system uses a logistic regression model to predict the likelihood of a student making a mistake while answering an exercise on Duolingo in all three language tracks - English/Spanish (en/es), Spanish/English (es/en) and French/English (fr/en).

Does Multi-Encoder Help? A Case Study on Context-Aware Neural Machine Translation

libeineu/Context-Aware ACL 2020

In encoder-decoder neural models, multiple encoders are in general used to represent the contextual information in addition to the individual sentence.

Pronoun-Targeted Fine-tuning for NMT with Hybrid Losses

ntunlp/pronoun-finetuning EMNLP 2020

Our sentence-level model shows a 0. 5 BLEU improvement on both the WMT14 and the IWSLT13 De-En testsets, while our contextual model achieves the best results, improving from 31. 81 to 32 BLEU on WMT14 De-En testset, and from 32. 10 to 33. 13 on the IWSLT13 De-En testset, with corresponding improvements in pronoun translation.

Addressing the Vulnerability of NMT in Input Perturbations

wwxu21/CER-MT NAACL 2021

Neural Machine Translation (NMT) has achieved significant breakthrough in performance but is known to suffer vulnerability to input perturbations.

Unsupervised Deep Cross-Language Entity Alignment

chuanyus/udcea 19 Sep 2023

We outperformed the state-of-the-art method in unsupervised and semi-supervised categories.

DASpeech: Directed Acyclic Transformer for Fast and High-quality Speech-to-Speech Translation

ictnlp/daspeech NeurIPS 2023

However, due to the presence of linguistic and acoustic diversity, the target speech follows a complex multimodal distribution, posing challenges to achieving both high-quality translations and fast decoding speeds for S2ST models.

StreamSpeech: Simultaneous Speech-to-Speech Translation with Multi-task Learning

ictnlp/streamspeech 5 Jun 2024

Simultaneous speech-to-speech translation (Simul-S2ST, a. k. a streaming speech translation) outputs target speech while receiving streaming speech inputs, which is critical for real-time communication.