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GaitSet: Regarding Gait as a Set for Cross-View Gait Recognition

AbnerHqC/GaitSet 15 Nov 2018

In this paper we present a novel perspective, where a gait is regarded as a set consisting of independent frames.

Human Gait Database for Normal Walk Collected by Smartphone Accelerometer

williamgilpin/fnn 4 May 2019

Gait recognition is the characterization of unique biometric patterns associated with each individual which can be utilized to identify a person without direct contact.

GaitPart: Temporal Part-Based Model for Gait Recognition

shiqiyu/opengait CVPR 2020

Gait recognition, applied to identify individual walking patterns in a long-distance, is one of the most promising video-based biometric technologies.

GaitGraph: Graph Convolutional Network for Skeleton-Based Gait Recognition

tteepe/GaitGraph 27 Jan 2021

However, silhouette images can lose fine-grained spatial information, and most papers do not regard how to obtain these silhouettes in complex scenes.

Towards a Deeper Understanding of Skeleton-based Gait Recognition

tteepe/gaitgraph2 16 Apr 2022

Gait recognition is a promising biometric with unique properties for identifying individuals from a long distance by their walking patterns.

GaitGL: Learning Discriminative Global-Local Feature Representations for Gait Recognition

bb12346/gaitgl 2 Aug 2022

GFR extractor aims to extract contextual information, e. g., the relationship among various body parts, and the mask-based LFR extractor is presented to exploit the detailed posture changes of local regions.

Deep Learning-Based Gait Recognition Using Smartphones in the Wild

qinnzou/Gait-Recognition-Using-Smartphones 1 Nov 2018

Specifically, a hybrid deep neural network is proposed for robust gait feature representation, where features in the space and time domains are successively abstracted by a convolutional neural network and a recurrent neural network.

Robust Cross-View Gait Recognition with Evidence: A Discriminant Gait GAN (DiGGAN) Approach

u112358/DiGGAN 26 Nov 2018

Gait as a biometric trait has attracted much attention in many security and privacy applications such as identity recognition and authentication, during the last few decades.

Biometrics Recognition Using Deep Learning: A Survey

shivamishu/cmpe255 30 Nov 2019

Deep learning-based models have been very successful in achieving state-of-the-art results in many of the computer vision, speech recognition, and natural language processing tasks in the last few years.