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RLCard: A Toolkit for Reinforcement Learning in Card Games

datamllab/rlcard 10 Oct 2019

The goal of RLCard is to bridge reinforcement learning and imperfect information games, and push forward the research of reinforcement learning in domains with multiple agents, large state and action space, and sparse reward.

Deep Reinforcement Learning from Self-Play in Imperfect-Information Games

deepmind/open_spiel 3 Mar 2016

When applied to Leduc poker, Neural Fictitious Self-Play (NFSP) approached a Nash equilibrium, whereas common reinforcement learning methods diverged.

DeepStack: Expert-Level Artificial Intelligence in No-Limit Poker

lifrordi/DeepStack-Leduc 6 Jan 2017

Poker is the quintessential game of imperfect information, and a longstanding challenge problem in artificial intelligence.

Approximating Poker Probabilities with Deep Learning

brandinho/Poker-Probability-Approximation 22 Aug 2018

Many poker systems, whether created with heuristics or machine learning, rely on the probability of winning as a key input.

DouZero: Mastering DouDizhu with Self-Play Deep Reinforcement Learning

kwai/DouZero 11 Jun 2021

Games are abstractions of the real world, where artificial agents learn to compete and cooperate with other agents.