GAN inversion

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Finding the latent code in the GAN latent space corresponding to a natural image.


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GAN Inversion for Out-of-Range Images with Geometric Transformations

no code yet • 20 Aug 2021

For successful semantic editing of real images, it is critical for a GAN inversion method to find an in-domain latent code that aligns with the domain of a pre-trained GAN model.

GAN inversion

Cycle-Consistent Inverse GAN for Text-to-Image Synthesis

no code yet • 3 Aug 2021

In this paper, we propose a novel unified framework of Cycle-consistent Inverse GAN (CI-GAN) for both text-to-image generation and text-guided image manipulation tasks.

GAN inversion Image Manipulation +1

Force-in-domain GAN inversion

no code yet • 13 Jul 2021

An in-domain GAN inversion approach is recently proposed to constraint the inverted code within the latent space by forcing the reconstructed image obtained from the inverted code within the real image space.

GAN inversion

Barbershop: GAN-based Image Compositing using Segmentation Masks

no code yet • 2 Jun 2021

Seamlessly blending features from multiple images is extremely challenging because of complex relationships in lighting, geometry, and partial occlusion which cause coupling between different parts of the image.

GAN inversion

ExSinGAN: Learning an Explainable Generative Model from a Single Image

no code yet • 16 May 2021

Generating images from a single sample, as a newly developing branch of image synthesis, has attracted extensive attention.

GAN inversion Image Generation +1

Unsupervised 3D Shape Completion through GAN Inversion

no code yet • CVPR 2021

In contrast to previous fully supervised approaches, in this paper we present ShapeInversion, which introduces Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) inversion to shape completion for the first time.

GAN inversion

In&Out : Diverse Image Outpainting via GAN Inversion

no code yet • 1 Apr 2021

Existing image outpainting methods pose the problem as a conditional image-to-image translation task, often generating repetitive structures and textures by replicating the content available in the input image.

GAN inversion Image Outpainting +1

Diagonal Attention and Style-based GAN for Content-Style Disentanglement in Image Generation and Translation

no code yet • 30 Mar 2021

One of the important research topics in image generative models is to disentangle the spatial contents and styles for their separate control.

GAN inversion Image Generation

Multiple GAN Inversion for Exemplar-based Image-to-Image Translation

no code yet • 26 Mar 2021

Existing state-of-the-art techniques in exemplar-based image-to-image translation hold several critical concerns.

GAN inversion Image Reconstruction +1

Using latent space regression to analyze and leverage compositionality in GANs

no code yet • ICLR 2021

In this work, we investigate regression into the latent space as a probe to understand the compositional properties of GANs.

GAN inversion Image Inpainting