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Generalizing MLPs With Dropouts, Batch Normalization, and Skip Connections

tae898/age-gender 18 Aug 2021

A multilayer perceptron (MLP) is typically made of multiple fully connected layers with nonlinear activation functions.

 Ranked #1 on Age And Gender Classification on Adience Gender (using extra training data)

Age And Gender Classification Age Estimation +2

18 Aug 2021

Predicting gender of Brazilian names using deep learning

roscibely/Gender-Classification 18 Jun 2021

In this paper, we examined and implemented feedforward and recurrent deep neural network models, such as MLP, RNN, GRU, CNN, and BiLSTM, to classify gender through the first name.

Gender Prediction

18 Jun 2021

A Large-Scale Rich Context Query and Recommendation Dataset in Online Knowledge-Sharing

THUIR/ZhihuRec-Dataset 11 Jun 2021

To the best of our knowledge, this is the largest real-world interaction dataset for personalized recommendation.

Gender Prediction

11 Jun 2021

Identity-Aware Multi-Sentence Video Description

jamespark3922/lsmdc-fillin ECCV 2020

This auxiliary task allows us to propose a two-stage approach to Identity-Aware Video Description.

Gender Prediction Video Description

22 Aug 2020

Mitigating Gender Bias in Captioning Systems

datamllab/Mitigating_Gender_Bias_In_Captioning_System 15 Jun 2020

Image captioning has made substantial progress with huge supporting image collections sourced from the web.

Gender Prediction Image Captioning

15 Jun 2020

Deep Learning for ECG Analysis: Benchmarks and Insights from PTB-XL

helme/ecg_ptbxl_benchmarking 28 Apr 2020

Electrocardiography is a very common, non-invasive diagnostic procedure and its interpretation is increasingly supported by automatic interpretation algorithms.

Gender Prediction Transfer Learning

28 Apr 2020

Gender Prediction from Tweets: Improving Neural Representations with Hand-Crafted Features

Darg-Iztech/gender-prediction-from-tweets 22 Aug 2019

Author profiling is the characterization of an author through some key attributes such as gender, age, and language.

Gender Prediction

22 Aug 2019

Celebrity Profiling

webis-de/acl-19 ACL 2019

Celebrities are among the most prolific users of social media, promoting their personas and rallying followers.

Gender Prediction Occupation prediction +1

01 Jul 2019

Increasingly Packing Multiple Facial-Informatics Modules in A Unified Deep-Learning Model via Lifelong Learning

ivclab/CPG Proceedings of the 2019 on International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval 2019

Simultaneously running multiple modules is a key requirement for a smart multimedia system for facial applications including face recognition, facial expression understanding, and gender identification.

 Ranked #1 on Gender Prediction on FotW Gender (using extra training data)

Age And Gender Classification Continual Learning +4

10 Jun 2019