General Reinforcement Learning

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Greatest papers with code

Mastering Chess and Shogi by Self-Play with a General Reinforcement Learning Algorithm

leela-zero/leela-zero 5 Dec 2017

The game of chess is the most widely-studied domain in the history of artificial intelligence.

Game of Chess Game of Go +2

OpenSpiel: A Framework for Reinforcement Learning in Games

deepmind/open_spiel 26 Aug 2019

OpenSpiel is a collection of environments and algorithms for research in general reinforcement learning and search/planning in games.

General Reinforcement Learning

Stabilizing Transformers for Reinforcement Learning

lucidrains/x-transformers ICML 2020

Harnessing the transformer's ability to process long time horizons of information could provide a similar performance boost in partially observable reinforcement learning (RL) domains, but the large-scale transformers used in NLP have yet to be successfully applied to the RL setting.

General Reinforcement Learning Language Modelling +1

Gibson Env: Real-World Perception for Embodied Agents

StanfordVL/GibsonEnv CVPR 2018

Developing visual perception models for active agents and sensorimotor control are cumbersome to be done in the physical world, as existing algorithms are too slow to efficiently learn in real-time and robots are fragile and costly.

Domain Adaptation General Reinforcement Learning +1

Sample Factory: Egocentric 3D Control from Pixels at 100000 FPS with Asynchronous Reinforcement Learning

alex-petrenko/sample-factory ICML 2020

In this work we aim to solve this problem by optimizing the efficiency and resource utilization of reinforcement learning algorithms instead of relying on distributed computation.

FPS Games General Reinforcement Learning +1

AIXIjs: A Software Demo for General Reinforcement Learning

aslanides/aixijs 22 May 2017

The universal Bayesian agent AIXI (Hutter, 2005) is a model of a maximally intelligent agent, and plays a central role in the sub-field of general reinforcement learning (GRL).

General Reinforcement Learning OpenAI Gym

Generalised Discount Functions applied to a Monte-Carlo AImu Implementation

aslanides/aixijs 3 Mar 2017

We have added to the GRL simulation platform AIXIjs the functionality to assign an agent arbitrary discount functions, and an environment which can be used to determine the effect of discounting on an agent's policy.

General Reinforcement Learning

Is Deep Reinforcement Learning Really Superhuman on Atari? Leveling the playing field

valeoai/rainbow-iqn-apex 13 Aug 2019

In the Arcade Learning Environment (ALE), small changes in environment parameters such as stochasticity or the maximum allowed play time can lead to very different performance.

Atari Games General Reinforcement Learning

Counterfactual Data Augmentation using Locally Factored Dynamics

spitis/mrl NeurIPS 2020

Many dynamic processes, including common scenarios in robotic control and reinforcement learning (RL), involve a set of interacting subprocesses.

Data Augmentation General Reinforcement Learning +1