General Reinforcement Learning

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Most implemented papers

Mastering Chess and Shogi by Self-Play with a General Reinforcement Learning Algorithm

ray-project/ray 5 Dec 2017

The game of chess is the most widely-studied domain in the history of artificial intelligence.

OpenSpiel: A Framework for Reinforcement Learning in Games

deepmind/open_spiel 26 Aug 2019

OpenSpiel is a collection of environments and algorithms for research in general reinforcement learning and search/planning in games.

Action Branching Architectures for Deep Reinforcement Learning

atavakol/action-branching-agents 24 Nov 2017

This approach achieves a linear increase of the number of network outputs with the number of degrees of freedom by allowing a level of independence for each individual action dimension.

Gibson Env: Real-World Perception for Embodied Agents

StanfordVL/GibsonEnv CVPR 2018

Developing visual perception models for active agents and sensorimotor control are cumbersome to be done in the physical world, as existing algorithms are too slow to efficiently learn in real-time and robots are fragile and costly.

Stabilizing Transformers for Reinforcement Learning

opendilab/DI-engine ICML 2020

Harnessing the transformer's ability to process long time horizons of information could provide a similar performance boost in partially observable reinforcement learning (RL) domains, but the large-scale transformers used in NLP have yet to be successfully applied to the RL setting.

Sample Factory: Egocentric 3D Control from Pixels at 100000 FPS with Asynchronous Reinforcement Learning

alex-petrenko/sample-factory ICML 2020

In this work we aim to solve this problem by optimizing the efficiency and resource utilization of reinforcement learning algorithms instead of relying on distributed computation.

Adaptive Rational Activations to Boost Deep Reinforcement Learning

ml-research/rational_activations 18 Feb 2021

Latest insights from biology show that intelligence not only emerges from the connections between neurons but that individual neurons shoulder more computational responsibility than previously anticipated.

A Monte Carlo AIXI Approximation

gkassel/pyaixi 4 Sep 2009

This paper introduces a principled approach for the design of a scalable general reinforcement learning agent.

Learning Exploration Policies for Navigation

taochenshh/exp4nav ICLR 2019

Numerous past works have tackled the problem of task-driven navigation.

Using a Logarithmic Mapping to Enable Lower Discount Factors in Reinforcement Learning

microsoft/logrl NeurIPS 2019

In an effort to better understand the different ways in which the discount factor affects the optimization process in reinforcement learning, we designed a set of experiments to study each effect in isolation.