Gesture Recognition

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Gesture Recognition is an active field of research with applications such as automatic recognition of sign language, interaction of humans and robots or for new ways of controlling video games.

Source: Gesture Recognition in RGB Videos Using Human Body Keypoints and Dynamic Time Warping

Greatest papers with code

XceptionTime: A Novel Deep Architecture based on Depthwise Separable Convolutions for Hand Gesture Classification

timeseriesAI/tsai 9 Nov 2019

The proposed innovative XceptionTime is designed by integration of depthwise separable convolutions, adaptive average pooling, and a novel non-linear normalization technique.

Data Augmentation General Classification +1

Multivariate Time Series Classification with WEASEL+MUSE

patrickzib/SFA 30 Nov 2017

Multivariate time series (MTS) arise when multiple interconnected sensors record data over time.

Feature Selection General Classification +3

Attention in Convolutional LSTM for Gesture Recognition

GuangmingZhu/AttentionConvLSTM NeurIPS 2018

On this basis, a new variant of LSTM is derived, in which the convolutional structures are only embedded into the input-to-state transition of LSTM.

Gesture Recognition

Word-level Deep Sign Language Recognition from Video: A New Large-scale Dataset and Methods Comparison

dxli94/WLASL 24 Oct 2019

Based on this new large-scale dataset, we are able to experiment with several deep learning methods for word-level sign recognition and evaluate their performances in large scale scenarios.

Action Classification Hand Gesture Recognition +2

Unified Learning Approach for Egocentric Hand Gesture Recognition and Fingertip Detection

MahmudulAlam/Unified-Gesture-and-Fingertip-Detection 6 Jan 2021

The proposed algorithm uses a single convolutional neural network to predict the probabilities of finger class and positions of fingertips in one forward propagation.

Fingertip Detection Hand Gesture Recognition +1

Neural Sign Language Translation

neccam/nslt CVPR 2018

SLR seeks to recognize a sequence of continuous signs but neglects the underlying rich grammatical and linguistic structures of sign language that differ from spoken language.

Gesture Recognition Language Modelling +4

An Efficient PointLSTM for Point Clouds Based Gesture Recognition

Blueprintf/pointlstm-gesture-recognition-pytorch CVPR 2020

The proposed PointLSTM combines state information from neighboring points in the past with current features to update the current states by a weight-shared LSTM layer.

Hand Gesture Recognition

Fast and Robust Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition via Key Frames Extraction and Feature Fusion

Ha0Tang/HandGestureRecognition 15 Jan 2019

Gesture recognition is a hot topic in computer vision and pattern recognition, which plays a vitally important role in natural human-computer interface.

Hand Gesture Recognition Hand-Gesture Recognition