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A Geometric Analysis of Phase Retrieval

22 Feb 2016sunju/pr_plain

complex Gaussian) and the number of measurements is large enough ($m \ge C n \log^3 n$), with high probability, a natural least-squares formulation for GPR has the following benign geometric structure: (1) there are no spurious local minimizers, and all global minimizers are equal to the target signal $\mathbf x$, up to a global phase; and (2) the objective function has a negative curvature around each saddle point.


Landmine Detection Using Autoencoders on Multi-polarization GPR Volumetric Data

2 Oct 2018polimi-ispl/landmine_detection_autoencoder

This method works in an anomaly detection framework, indeed we only train the autoencoder on GPR data acquired on landmine-free areas.


Predicting brain age with deep learning from raw imaging data results in a reliable and heritable biomarker

8 Dec 2016weiziyoung/Predicting_brain_age

Here we sought to further establish the credentials of "brain-predicted age" as a biomarker of individual differences in the brain ageing process, using a predictive modelling approach based on deep learning, and specifically convolutional neural networks (CNN), and applied to both pre-processed and raw T1-weighted MRI data.


Fusion of hyperspectral and ground penetrating radar to estimate soil moisture

14 Apr 2018felixriese/hyperspectral-processing

In the first approach, simulated GPR data is generated either by an interpolation along the time axis or by a machine learning model.


Kernel Mode Decomposition and programmable/interpretable regression networks

19 Jul 2019kernelmodedec/Kernel-Mode-Decomposition-1D

Mode decomposition is a prototypical pattern recognition problem that can be addressed from the (a priori distinct) perspectives of numerical approximation, statistical inference and deep learning.