Grammatical Error Correction

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Grammatical Error Correction (GEC) is the task of correcting different kinds of errors in text such as spelling, punctuation, grammatical, and word choice errors.

GEC is typically formulated as a sentence correction task. A GEC system takes a potentially erroneous sentence as input and is expected to transform it to its corrected version. See the example given below:

Input (Erroneous) Output (Corrected)
She see Tom is catched by policeman in park at last night. She saw Tom caught by a policeman in the park last night.

Greatest papers with code

Seq2Edits: Sequence Transduction Using Span-level Edit Operations

tensorflow/tensor2tensor EMNLP 2020

For text normalization, sentence fusion, and grammatical error correction, our approach improves explainability by associating each edit operation with a human-readable tag.

Grammatical Error Correction Sentence Fusion +1

LM-Critic: Language Models for Unsupervised Grammatical Error Correction

grammarly/gector EMNLP 2021

Training a model for grammatical error correction (GEC) requires a set of labeled ungrammatical / grammatical sentence pairs, but manually annotating such pairs can be expensive.

Grammatical Error Correction Language Modelling

GECToR -- Grammatical Error Correction: Tag, Not Rewrite

grammarly/gector WS 2020

In this paper, we present a simple and efficient GEC sequence tagger using a Transformer encoder.

Grammatical Error Correction

GitHub Typo Corpus: A Large-Scale Multilingual Dataset of Misspellings and Grammatical Errors

mhagiwara/github-typo-corpus LREC 2020

The lack of large-scale datasets has been a major hindrance to the development of NLP tasks such as spelling correction and grammatical error correction (GEC).

Grammatical Error Correction Spelling Correction

Automatic Annotation and Evaluation of Error Types for Grammatical Error Correction

chrisjbryant/errant ACL 2017

Until now, error type performance for Grammatical Error Correction (GEC) systems could only be measured in terms of recall because system output is not annotated.

Annotated Code Search Grammatical Error Correction +2

Improving Grammatical Error Correction via Pre-Training a Copy-Augmented Architecture with Unlabeled Data

zhawe01/fairseq-gec NAACL 2019

It is the first time copying words from the source context and fully pre-training a sequence to sequence model are experimented on the GEC task.

Denoising Grammatical Error Correction +3

A Multilayer Convolutional Encoder-Decoder Neural Network for Grammatical Error Correction

nusnlp/mlconvgec2018 26 Jan 2018

We improve automatic correction of grammatical, orthographic, and collocation errors in text using a multilayer convolutional encoder-decoder neural network.

Grammatical Error Correction Language Modelling +1

UA-GEC: Grammatical Error Correction and Fluency Corpus for the Ukrainian Language

grammarly/ua-gec 31 Mar 2021

We present a corpus professionally annotated for grammatical error correction (GEC) and fluency edits in the Ukrainian language.

Document-level Grammatical Error Correction

Parallel Iterative Edit Models for Local Sequence Transduction

awasthiabhijeet/PIE IJCNLP 2019

We present a Parallel Iterative Edit (PIE) model for the problem of local sequence transduction arising in tasks like Grammatical error correction (GEC).

Grammatical Error Correction Optical Character Recognition