Graph Generation

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Graph Generation is an important research area with significant applications in drug and material designs.

Source: Graph Deconvolutional Generation


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Most implemented papers

Junction Tree Variational Autoencoder for Molecular Graph Generation

wengong-jin/icml18-jtnn ICML 2018

We evaluate our model on multiple tasks ranging from molecular generation to optimization.

Learning to Compose Dynamic Tree Structures for Visual Contexts

KaihuaTang/Scene-Graph-Benchmark.pytorch CVPR 2019

We propose to compose dynamic tree structures that place the objects in an image into a visual context, helping visual reasoning tasks such as scene graph generation and visual Q&A.

Unbiased Scene Graph Generation from Biased Training

KaihuaTang/Scene-Graph-Benchmark.pytorch CVPR 2020

Today's scene graph generation (SGG) task is still far from practical, mainly due to the severe training bias, e. g., collapsing diverse "human walk on / sit on / lay on beach" into "human on beach".

Scene Graph Generation by Iterative Message Passing

microsoft/scene_graph_benchmark CVPR 2017

In this work, we explicitly model the objects and their relationships using scene graphs, a visually-grounded graphical structure of an image.

Image-Conditioned Graph Generation for Road Network Extraction

davide-belli/generative-graph-transformer 31 Oct 2019

For this, we introduce the Toulouse Road Network dataset, based on real-world publicly-available data.

Structured Sparse R-CNN for Direct Scene Graph Generation

mcg-nju/structured-sparse-rcnn CVPR 2022

The key to our method is a set of learnable triplet queries and a structured triplet detector which could be jointly optimized from the training set in an end-to-end manner.

GraphRNN: Generating Realistic Graphs with Deep Auto-regressive Models

snap-stanford/GraphRNN ICML 2018

Modeling and generating graphs is fundamental for studying networks in biology, engineering, and social sciences.

Graph R-CNN for Scene Graph Generation

jwyang/graph-rcnn.pytorch ECCV 2018

We propose a novel scene graph generation model called Graph R-CNN, that is both effective and efficient at detecting objects and their relations in images.

LinkNet: Relational Embedding for Scene Graph

jiayan97/linknet-pytorch NeurIPS 2018

In this paper, we present a method that improves scene graph generation by explicitly modeling inter-dependency among the entire object instances.