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Would You Ask it that Way? Measuring and Improving Question Naturalness for Knowledge Graph Question Answering

iai-group/iqn-kgqa 25 May 2022

The construction of this test collection also sheds light on the challenges of constructing large-scale KGQA datasets with genuinely NL questions.

SPARQL as a Foreign Language

LiberAI/NSpM 25 Aug 2017

In the last years, the Linked Data Cloud has achieved a size of more than 100 billion facts pertaining to a multitude of domains.

Knowledge Graph Question Answering using Graph-Pattern Isomorphism

dice-group/TeBaQA 11 Mar 2021

In this paper, we present a novel QA approach, dubbed TeBaQA.

GraghVQA: Language-Guided Graph Neural Networks for Graph-based Visual Question Answering

codexxxl/GraphVQA NAACL (maiworkshop) 2021

Images are more than a collection of objects or attributes -- they represent a web of relationships among interconnected objects.

NOAHQA: Numerical Reasoning with Interpretable Graph Question Answering Dataset

don-joey/noahqa Findings (EMNLP) 2021

While diverse question answering (QA) datasets have been proposed and contributed significantly to the development of deep learning models for QA tasks, the existing datasets fall short in two aspects.

Improving Embedded Knowledge Graph Multi-hop Question Answering by introducing Relational Chain Reasoning

albert-jin/rce-kgqa 25 Oct 2021

Knowledge Graph Question Answering (KGQA) aims to answer user-questions from a knowledge graph (KG) by identifying the reasoning relations between topic entity and answer.

TempoQR: Temporal Question Reasoning over Knowledge Graphs

cmavro/tempoqr 10 Dec 2021

The first computes a textual representation of a given question, the second combines it with the entity embeddings for entities involved in the question, and the third generates question-specific time embeddings.

Knowledge Graph Question Answering Leaderboard: A Community Resource to Prevent a Replication Crisis

kgqa/leaderboard LREC 2022

In particular, the latest and most-used datasets in the KGQA community, LC-QuAD and QALD, miss providing central and up-to-date points of trust.

QALD-9-plus: A Multilingual Dataset for Question Answering over DBpedia and Wikidata Translated by Native Speakers

perevalov/qald_9_plus 31 Jan 2022

The ability to have the same experience for different user groups (i. e., accessibility) is one of the most important characteristics of Web-based systems.

Knowledge Graph Question Answering Datasets and Their Generalizability: Are They Enough for Future Research?

KGQA/KGQA-datasets-generalization 13 May 2022

Existing approaches on Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs (KGQA) have weak generalizability.