Hand Pose Estimation

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Hand pose estimation is the task of finding the joints of the hand from an image or set of video frames.

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InterHand2.6M: A Dataset and Baseline for 3D Interacting Hand Pose Estimation from a Single RGB Image

open-mmlab/mmpose ECCV 2020

Therefore, we firstly propose (1) a large-scale dataset, InterHand2. 6M, and (2) a baseline network, InterNet, for 3D interacting hand pose estimation from a single RGB image.

3D Hand Pose Estimation

Whole-Body Human Pose Estimation in the Wild

open-mmlab/mmpose ECCV 2020

This paper investigates the task of 2D human whole-body pose estimation, which aims to localize dense landmarks on the entire human body including face, hands, body, and feet.

Facial Landmark Detection Hand Pose Estimation +1

Learning to Estimate 3D Hand Pose from Single RGB Images

open-mmlab/mmpose ICCV 2017

Low-cost consumer depth cameras and deep learning have enabled reasonable 3D hand pose estimation from single depth images.

3D Hand Pose Estimation Sign Language Recognition

Learning from Simulated and Unsupervised Images through Adversarial Training

carpedm20/simulated-unsupervised-tensorflow CVPR 2017

With recent progress in graphics, it has become more tractable to train models on synthetic images, potentially avoiding the need for expensive annotations.

Domain Adaptation Gaze Estimation +2

3D Hand Shape and Pose Estimation from a Single RGB Image

3d-hand-shape/hand-graph-cnn CVPR 2019

This work addresses a novel and challenging problem of estimating the full 3D hand shape and pose from a single RGB image.

3D Hand Pose Estimation Fine-tuning

Depth-Based 3D Hand Pose Estimation: From Current Achievements to Future Goals

mks0601/V2V-PoseNet_RELEASE CVPR 2018

Official Torch7 implementation of "V2V-PoseNet: Voxel-to-Voxel Prediction Network for Accurate 3D Hand and Human Pose Estimation from a Single Depth Map", CVPR 2018

3D Hand Pose Estimation 3D Pose Estimation

V2V-PoseNet: Voxel-to-Voxel Prediction Network for Accurate 3D Hand and Human Pose Estimation from a Single Depth Map

mks0601/V2V-PoseNet_RELEASE CVPR 2018

To overcome these weaknesses, we firstly cast the 3D hand and human pose estimation problem from a single depth map into a voxel-to-voxel prediction that uses a 3D voxelized grid and estimates the per-voxel likelihood for each keypoint.

3D Hand Pose Estimation 3D Human Pose Estimation

DeepPrior++: Improving Fast and Accurate 3D Hand Pose Estimation

mks0601/V2V-PoseNet_RELEASE 28 Aug 2017

DeepPrior is a simple approach based on Deep Learning that predicts the joint 3D locations of a hand given a depth map.

3D Hand Pose Estimation Data Augmentation

A2J: Anchor-to-Joint Regression Network for 3D Articulated Pose Estimation from a Single Depth Image

zhangboshen/A2J ICCV 2019

For 3D hand and body pose estimation task in depth image, a novel anchor-based approach termed Anchor-to-Joint regression network (A2J) with the end-to-end learning ability is proposed.

 Ranked #1 on Depth Estimation on NYU-Depth V2 (mAP metric)

3D Pose Estimation Depth Estimation +1