Handwriting generation

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The inverse of handwriting recognition. From text generate and image of handwriting (offline) of trajectory of handwriting (online).

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hardmaru/supercell 27 Sep 2016

This work explores hypernetworks: an approach of using a one network, also known as a hypernetwork, to generate the weights for another network.

ScrabbleGAN: Semi-Supervised Varying Length Handwritten Text Generation

amzn/convolutional-handwriting-gan CVPR 2020

This is especially true for handwritten text recognition (HTR), where each author has a unique style, unlike printed text, where the variation is smaller by design.

Professor Forcing: A New Algorithm for Training Recurrent Networks

mojesty/professor_forcing NeurIPS 2016

We introduce the Professor Forcing algorithm, which uses adversarial domain adaptation to encourage the dynamics of the recurrent network to be the same when training the network and when sampling from the network over multiple time steps.

DeepWriting: Making Digital Ink Editable via Deep Generative Modeling

emreaksan/deepwriting 25 Jan 2018

Digital ink promises to combine the flexibility and aesthetics of handwriting and the ability to process, search and edit digital text.

Text and Style Conditioned GAN for Generation of Offline Handwriting Lines

herobd/handwriting_line_generation 1 Sep 2020

This paper presents a GAN for generating images of handwritten lines conditioned on arbitrary text and latent style vectors.

Diffusion models for Handwriting Generation

tcl9876/Diffusion-Handwriting-Generation 13 Nov 2020

In this paper, we propose a diffusion probabilistic model for handwriting generation.