Handwriting Verification

4 papers with code • 2 benchmarks • 5 datasets

The goal of handwriting verification is to find a measure of confidence whether the given handwritten samples are written by the same or different writer.

Most implemented papers

SigNet: Convolutional Siamese Network for Writer Independent Offline Signature Verification

hlamba28/Offline-Signature-Verification-using-Siamese-Network 7 Jul 2017

Offline signature verification is one of the most challenging tasks in biometrics and document forensics.

Hybrid Feature Learning for Handwriting Verification

mshaikh2/HDL_Forensics 19 Nov 2018

Experiments are performed by complementing one of the HEF methods with one ALF method on 150000 pairs of samples of the word "AND" cropped from handwritten notes written by 1500 writers.

Explanation based Handwriting Verification

mshaikh2/HDL_Forensics 14 Aug 2019

The dataset is released for publicuse and the methods can be extended to provide explanations on other verification taskslike face verification and bio-medical comparison.

Attention based Writer Independent Handwriting Verification

mshaikh2/AttentionHandwritingVerification 7 Sep 2020

The task of writer verification is to provide a likelihood score for whether the queried and known handwritten image samples belong to the same writer or not.