Hope Speech Detection

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Detecting speech associated with positive, uplifting, promise, potential, support, reassurance, suggestions, or inspiration.

Most implemented papers

Hope Speech detection in under-resourced Kannada language

adeepH/Kan_hope 10 Aug 2021

Numerous methods have been developed to monitor the spread of negativity in modern years by eliminating vulgar, offensive, and fierce comments from social media platforms.

NLP-CUET@LT-EDI-EACL2021: Multilingual Code-Mixed Hope Speech Detection using Cross-lingual Representation Learner

eftekhar-hossain/CUET_NLP-EACL_2021 EACL (LTEDI) 2021

We propose three distinct models to identify hope speech in English, Tamil and Malayalam language to serve this purpose.

IIITT@LT-EDI-EACL2021-Hope Speech Detection: There is always Hope in Transformers

karthikpuranik11/Hope-Speech-Detection- 19 Apr 2021

In a world filled with serious challenges like climate change, religious and political conflicts, global pandemics, terrorism, and racial discrimination, an internet full of hate speech, abusive and offensive content is the last thing we desire for.

TeamUNCC@LT-EDI-EACL2021: Hope Speech Detection using Transfer Learning with Transformers

SoLID-UNCC/TeamUNCC-HopeSpeech 19 Apr 2021

We describe our approach to fine-tuning RoBERTa for Hope Speech detection in English and our approach to fine-tuning XLM-RoBERTa for Hope Speech detection in Tamil and Malayalam, two low resource Indic languages.

IIITK@LT-EDI-EACL2021: Hope Speech Detection for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion in Tamil , Malayalam and English

nikhil6041/HopeSpeechDetection 19 Apr 2021

This paper describes the IIITK’s team submissions to the hope speech detection for equality, diversity and inclusion in Dravidian languages shared task organized by LT-EDI 2021 workshop@EACL 2021.

Hope Speech Detection on Social Media Platforms

t-i-p/hope-speech-detection-on-social-media-platforms 14 Nov 2022

Since personal computers became widely available in the consumer market, the amount of harmful content on the internet has significantly expanded.

Beyond Negativity: Re-Analysis and Follow-Up Experiments on Hope Speech Detection

aflah02/hope_speech_detection 10 May 2023

Health experts assert that hope plays a crucial role in enhancing individuals' physical and mental well-being, facilitating their recovery, and promoting restoration.