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RMPE: Regional Multi-person Pose Estimation

MVIG-SJTU/AlphaPose ICCV 2017

In this paper, we propose a novel regional multi-person pose estimation (RMPE) framework to facilitate pose estimation in the presence of inaccurate human bounding boxes.

Human Detection Keypoint Detection +1

3D Dynamic Scene Graphs: Actionable Spatial Perception with Places, Objects, and Humans

MIT-SPARK/Kimera 15 Feb 2020

Our second contribution is to provide the first fully automatic Spatial PerceptIon eNgine(SPIN) to build a DSG from visual-inertial data.

3D Reconstruction Human Detection +3

The 1st Tiny Object Detection Challenge:Methods and Results

ucas-vg/TinyBenchmark 16 Sep 2020

The 1st Tiny Object Detection (TOD) Challenge aims to encourage research in developing novel and accurate methods for tiny object detection in images which have wide views, with a current focus on tiny person detection.

Human Detection Object Detection

Scale Match for Tiny Person Detection

ucas-vg/TinyBenchmark 23 Dec 2019

In this paper, we introduce a new benchmark, referred to as TinyPerson, opening up a promising directionfor tiny object detection in a long distance and with mas-sive backgrounds.

Human Detection Object Detection

MultiPoseNet: Fast Multi-Person Pose Estimation using Pose Residual Network

salihkaragoz/pose-residual-network-pytorch ECCV 2018

In this paper, we present MultiPoseNet, a novel bottom-up multi-person pose estimation architecture that combines a multi-task model with a novel assignment method.

Human Detection Keypoint Detection +1

Context-aware CNNs for person head detection

aosokin/cnn_head_detection ICCV 2015

First, we leverage person-scene relations and propose a Global CNN model trained to predict positions and scales of heads directly from the full image.

Face Detection Head Detection +1

Sequential End-to-end Network for Efficient Person Search

serend1p1ty/SeqNet 18 Mar 2021

Person search aims at jointly solving Person Detection and Person Re-identification (re-ID).

Graph Matching Human Detection +3

Fooling automated surveillance cameras: adversarial patches to attack person detection

EAVISE/adversarial-yolo 18 Apr 2019

Some of these approaches have also shown that these attacks are feasible in the real-world, i. e. by modifying an object and filming it with a video camera.

Human Detection