Human Mesh Recovery

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Estimate 3D body mesh from images

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End-to-end Recovery of Human Shape and Pose

open-mmlab/mmpose CVPR 2018

The main objective is to minimize the reprojection loss of keypoints, which allow our model to be trained using images in-the-wild that only have ground truth 2D annotations.

Human Mesh Recovery from Monocular Images via a Skeleton-disentangled Representation

Arthur151/DSD-SATN ICCV 2019

Different from the existing methods try to obtain all the complex 3D pose, shape, and camera parameters from one coupling feature, we propose a skeleton-disentangling based framework, which divides this task into multi-level spatial and temporal granularity in a decoupling manner.

PyMAF: 3D Human Pose and Shape Regression with Pyramidal Mesh Alignment Feedback Loop

HongwenZhang/PyMAF ICCV 2021

Regression-based methods have recently shown promising results in reconstructing human meshes from monocular images.

LiDAR-HMR: 3D Human Mesh Recovery from LiDAR

soullessrobot/lidar-hmr 20 Nov 2023

In recent years, point cloud perception tasks have been garnering increasing attention.

Learning 3D Human Shape and Pose from Dense Body Parts

HongwenZhang/DaNet-DensePose2SMPL 31 Dec 2019

Reconstructing 3D human shape and pose from monocular images is challenging despite the promising results achieved by the most recent learning-based methods.

Self-supervised 3D Human Mesh Recovery from Noisy Point Clouds

wangsen1312/unsupervised3dhuman 15 Jul 2021

However, Chamfer distance is quite sensitive to noise and outliers, thus could be unreliable to assign correspondences.

Probabilistic Modeling for Human Mesh Recovery

nkolot/ProHMR ICCV 2021

This paper focuses on the problem of 3D human reconstruction from 2D evidence.

Leveraging MoCap Data for Human Mesh Recovery

naver/posebert 18 Oct 2021

In fact, we show that simply fine-tuning the batch normalization layers of the model is enough to achieve large gains.

A Lightweight Graph Transformer Network for Human Mesh Reconstruction from 2D Human Pose

zczcwh/gtrs 24 Nov 2021

We propose a pose analysis module that uses graph transformers to exploit structured and implicit joint correlations, and a mesh regression module that combines the extracted pose feature with the mesh template to reconstruct the final human mesh.

GLAMR: Global Occlusion-Aware Human Mesh Recovery with Dynamic Cameras

nvlabs/glamr CVPR 2022

Since the joint reconstruction of human motions and camera poses is underconstrained, we propose a global trajectory predictor that generates global human trajectories based on local body movements.