Human robot interaction

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Single-Image Piece-wise Planar 3D Reconstruction via Associative Embedding

svip-lab/PlanarReconstruction CVPR 2019

In the first stage, we train a CNN to map each pixel to an embedding space where pixels from the same plane instance have similar embeddings.

3D Plane Detection 3D Reconstruction +5

Crowd-Robot Interaction: Crowd-aware Robot Navigation with Attention-based Deep Reinforcement Learning

vita-epfl/CrowdNav 24 Sep 2018

We propose to (i) rethink pairwise interactions with a self-attention mechanism, and (ii) jointly model Human-Robot as well as Human-Human interactions in the deep reinforcement learning framework.

Human Dynamics Human robot interaction +1

RT-BENE: A Dataset and Baselines for Real-Time Blink Estimation in Natural Environments

Tobias-Fischer/rt_gene IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision Workshops 2019

We further incorporate our proposed RT-BENE baselines in the recently presented RT-GENE gaze estimation framework where it provides a real-time inference of the openness of the eyes.

Blink estimation Gaze Estimation +2

Visual Semantic SLAM with Landmarks for Large-Scale Outdoor Environment

1989Ryan/Semantic_SLAM 4 Jan 2020

Semantic SLAM is an important field in autonomous driving and intelligent agents, which can enable robots to achieve high-level navigation tasks, obtain simple cognition or reasoning ability and achieve language-based human-robot-interaction.

Autonomous Driving Human robot interaction +1

3D Human Mesh Regression with Dense Correspondence

zengwang430521/DecoMR CVPR 2020

This paper proposes a model-free 3D human mesh estimation framework, named DecoMR, which explicitly establishes the dense correspondence between the mesh and the local image features in the UV space (i. e. a 2D space used for texture mapping of 3D mesh).

Human robot interaction

Deep Learning for Vision-based Prediction: A Survey

aras62/vision-based-prediction 30 Jun 2020

In addition, we discuss the common evaluation metrics and datasets used for vision-based prediction tasks.

Autonomous Driving Human robot interaction +3

Recovering 3D Planes from a Single Image via Convolutional Neural Networks

fuy34/planerecover ECCV 2018

In this paper, we study the problem of recovering 3D planar surfaces from a single image of man-made environment.

Human robot interaction

The Trajectron: Probabilistic Multi-Agent Trajectory Modeling With Dynamic Spatiotemporal Graphs

StanfordASL/Trajectron ICCV 2019

Developing safe human-robot interaction systems is a necessary step towards the widespread integration of autonomous agents in society.

Decision Making Human robot interaction +3

AVA-ActiveSpeaker: An Audio-Visual Dataset for Active Speaker Detection

fuankarion/active-speakers-context 5 Jan 2019

The dataset contains temporally labeled face tracks in video, where each face instance is labeled as speaking or not, and whether the speech is audible.

Human robot interaction Speaker Diarization +1