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Humor Detection

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Is This a Joke? Detecting Humor in Spanish Tweets

28 Mar 2017pln-fing-udelar/pghumor

While humor has been historically studied from a psychological, cognitive and linguistic standpoint, its study from a computational perspective is an area yet to be explored in Computational Linguistics.


Reverse-Engineering Satire, or "Paper on Computational Humor Accepted Despite Making Serious Advances"

10 Jan 2019epfl-dlab/unfun

Starting from the observation that satirical news headlines tend to resemble serious news headlines, we build and analyze a corpus of satirical headlines paired with nearly identical but serious headlines.


A Crowd-Annotated Spanish Corpus for Humor Analysis

WS 2018 pln-fing-udelar/humor

Computational Humor involves several tasks, such as humor recognition, humor generation, and humor scoring, for which it is useful to have human-curated data.


On the Use of Emojis to Train Emotion Classifiers

24 Feb 2019malayyoub/emojis-to-train-emotion-classifiers

Nonetheless, we experimentally show that training classifiers on cheap, large and possibly erroneous data annotated using this approach leads to more accurate results compared with training the same classifiers on the more expensive, much smaller and error-free manually annotated training data.