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Simplicial Complex based Point Correspondence between Images warped onto Manifolds

charusharma1991/PointCorrespondence ECCV 2020

Recent increase in the availability of warped images projected onto a manifold (e. g., omnidirectional spherical images), coupled with the success of higher-order assignment methods, has sparked an interest in the search for improved higher-order matching algorithms on warped images due to projection.

Hypergraph Matching

An Exact Hypergraph Matching Algorithm for Nuclear Identification in Embryonic Caenorhabditis elegans

lauziere/exacthgm 20 Apr 2021

Finding an optimal correspondence between point sets is a common task in computer vision.

Hypergraph Matching

Ranking with Fairness Constraints

Shivamm14/SRIP 22 Apr 2017

Ranking algorithms are deployed widely to order a set of items in applications such as search engines, news feeds, and recommendation systems.

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