hypergraph partitioning

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Improving Coarsening Schemes for Hypergraph Partitioning by Exploiting Community Structure

SebastianSchlag/kahypar SEA 2017 2017

We present an improved coarsening process for multilevel hypergraph partitioning that incorporates global information about the community structure.

Inhomogeneous Hypergraph Clustering with Applications

lipan00123/InHclustering NeurIPS 2017

Hypergraph partitioning is an important problem in machine learning, computer vision and network analytics.

Co-clustering Vertices and Hyperedges via Spectral Hypergraph Partitioning

yuzhu2019/hypergraph_cocluster 19 Feb 2021

We propose a novel method to co-cluster the vertices and hyperedges of hypergraphs with edge-dependent vertex weights (EDVWs).

HyperSF: Spectral Hypergraph Coarsening via Flow-based Local Clustering

aghdaei/hypersf 17 Aug 2021

To address the ever-increasing computational challenges, graph coarsening can be potentially applied for preprocessing a given hypergraph by aggressively aggregating its vertices (nodes).

HyperEF: Spectral Hypergraph Coarsening by Effective-Resistance Clustering

feng-research/hyperef 26 Oct 2022

This paper introduces a scalable algorithmic framework (HyperEF) for spectral coarsening (decomposition) of large-scale hypergraphs by exploiting hyperedge effective resistances.