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Balanced Coarsening for Multilevel Hypergraph Partitioning via Wasserstein Discrepancy

no code yet • 14 Jun 2021

We propose a balanced coarsening scheme for multilevel hypergraph partitioning.

hypergraph partitioning

Streaming Hypergraph Partitioning Algorithms on Limited Memory Environments

no code yet • 9 Mar 2021

For many of today's data-centric applications, this data is streaming; new items arrive continuously, and the data grows with time.

Edge-computing hypergraph partitioning Data Structures and Algorithms Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing 68W27, 68P05 E.1

Hypergraph Partitioning using Tensor Eigenvalue Decomposition

no code yet • 16 Nov 2020

We also show improvement for the min-cut solution on 2-uniform hypergraphs (graphs) over the standard spectral partitioning algorithm.

graph partitioning hypergraph partitioning

Multilevel Acyclic Hypergraph Partitioning

no code yet • 6 Feb 2020

The acyclic hypergraph partitioning problem is to partition the hypernodes of a directed acyclic hypergraph into a given number of blocks of roughly equal size such that the corresponding quotient graph is acyclic while minimizing an objective function on the partition.

hypergraph partitioning

Hypergraph Partitioning With Embeddings

no code yet • 9 Sep 2019

As a result, hypergraph partitioning is an NP-Hard problem to both solve or approximate.

hypergraph partitioning

Quadratic Decomposable Submodular Function Minimization: Theory and Practice (Computation and Analysis of PageRank over Hypergraphs)

no code yet • 26 Feb 2019

We introduce a new convex optimization problem, termed quadratic decomposable submodular function minimization (QDSFM), which allows to model a number of learning tasks on graphs and hypergraphs.

hypergraph partitioning

Bandana: Using Non-volatile Memory for Storing Deep Learning Models

no code yet • 14 Nov 2018

Typical large-scale recommender systems use deep learning models that are stored on a large amount of DRAM.

hypergraph partitioning Recommendation Systems

Evolutionary n-level Hypergraph Partitioning with Adaptive Coarsening

no code yet • 25 Mar 2018

This article presents a novel memetic algorithm which remains effective on larger initial hypergraphs.

hypergraph partitioning

Engineering a direct k-way Hypergraph Partitioning Algorithm

no code yet • ALENEX 2017 2017

We also remove several further bottlenecks in processing large hyperedges, develop a faster contraction algorithm, and a new adaptive stopping rule for local search.

graph partitioning hypergraph partitioning

Uniform Hypergraph Partitioning: Provable Tensor Methods and Sampling Techniques

no code yet • 21 Feb 2016

This work is motivated by two issues that arise when a hypergraph partitioning approach is used to tackle computer vision problems: (i) The uniform hypergraphs constructed for higher-order learning contain all edges, but most have negligible weights.

hypergraph partitioning Stochastic Block Model