Image Comprehension

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Most implemented papers

Hierarchical Open-vocabulary Universal Image Segmentation

berkeley-hipie/hipie NeurIPS 2023

Open-vocabulary image segmentation aims to partition an image into semantic regions according to arbitrary text descriptions.

RegionBLIP: A Unified Multi-modal Pre-training Framework for Holistic and Regional Comprehension

mightyzau/regionblip 3 Aug 2023

To this end, we propose to extract features corresponding to regional objects as soft prompts for LLM, which provides a straightforward and scalable approach and eliminates the need for LLM fine-tuning.

InternLM-XComposer: A Vision-Language Large Model for Advanced Text-image Comprehension and Composition

internlm/internlm-xcomposer 26 Sep 2023

We propose InternLM-XComposer, a vision-language large model that enables advanced image-text comprehension and composition.