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Image Cropping is a common photo manipulation process, which improves the overall composition by removing unwanted regions. Image Cropping is widely used in photographic, film processing, graphic design, and printing businesses.

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See Better Before Looking Closer: Weakly Supervised Data Augmentation Network for Fine-Grained Visual Classification

wvinzh/WS_DAN_PyTorch 26 Jan 2019

Specifically, for each training image, we first generate attention maps to represent the object's discriminative parts by weakly supervised learning.

Kornia: an Open Source Differentiable Computer Vision Library for PyTorch

kornia/kornia 5 Oct 2019

This work presents Kornia -- an open source computer vision library which consists of a set of differentiable routines and modules to solve generic computer vision problems.

A2-RL: Aesthetics Aware Reinforcement Learning for Image Cropping

wuhuikai/TF-A2RL CVPR 2018

Image cropping aims at improving the aesthetic quality of images by adjusting their composition.

An End-to-End Neural Network for Image Cropping by Learning Composition from Aesthetic Photos

CVBase-Bupt/EndtoEndCroppingSystem 2 Jul 2019

In this paper, we primarily focus on improving the accuracy of automatic image cropping, and on further exploring its potential in public datasets with high efficiency.

Image Cropping on Twitter: Fairness Metrics, their Limitations, and the Importance of Representation, Design, and Agency

twitter-research/image-crop-analysis 18 May 2021

However, we demonstrate that formalized fairness metrics and quantitative analysis on their own are insufficient for capturing the risk of representational harm in automatic cropping.

Resolution Enhancement Processing on Low Quality Images Using Swin Transformer Based on Interval Dense Connection Strategy

rubbbbbbbbby/swinoir 16 Mar 2023

We apply this strategy to SwinIR and present a new model, which named SwinOIR (Object Image Restoration Using Swin Transformer).

FiT: Flexible Vision Transformer for Diffusion Model

whlzy/fit 19 Feb 2024

Nature is infinitely resolution-free.

Quantitative Analysis of Automatic Image Cropping Algorithms: A Dataset and Comparative Study

yiling-chen/flickr-cropping-dataset 5 Jan 2017

Automatic photo cropping is an important tool for improving visual quality of digital photos without resorting to tedious manual selection.

Learning to Compose with Professional Photographs on the Web

yiling-chen/view-finding-network 1 Feb 2017

Photo composition is an important factor affecting the aesthetics in photography.