Image Matting

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Image Matting is the process of accurately estimating the foreground object in images and videos. It is a very important technique in image and video editing applications, particularly in film production for creating visual effects. In case of image segmentation, we segment the image into foreground and background by labeling the pixels. Image segmentation generates a binary image, in which a pixel either belongs to foreground or background. However, Image Matting is different from the image segmentation, wherein some pixels may belong to foreground as well as background, such pixels are called partial or mixed pixels. In order to fully separate the foreground from the background in an image, accurate estimation of the alpha values for partial or mixed pixels is necessary.

Source: Automatic Trimap Generation for Image Matting

Image Source: Real-Time High-Resolution Background Matting


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Most implemented papers

MODNet: Real-Time Trimap-Free Portrait Matting via Objective Decomposition

ZHKKKe/MODNet 24 Nov 2020

MODNet is easy to be trained in an end-to-end manner.

Deep Image Matting

PaddlePaddle/PaddleSeg CVPR 2017

We evaluate our algorithm on the image matting benchmark, our testing set, and a wide variety of real images.

Index Network

poppinace/indexnet_matting 11 Aug 2019

By viewing the indices as a function of the feature map, we introduce the concept of "learning to index", and present a novel index-guided encoder-decoder framework where indices are self-learned adaptively from data and are used to guide the downsampling and upsampling stages, without extra training supervision.

Towards Ghost-free Shadow Removal via Dual Hierarchical Aggregation Network and Shadow Matting GAN

vinthony/ghost-free-shadow-removal 20 Nov 2019

With the help of novel masks or scenes, we enhance the current datasets using synthesized shadow images.

Castle in the Sky: Dynamic Sky Replacement and Harmonization in Videos

jiupinjia/SkyAR 22 Oct 2020

This paper proposes a vision-based method for video sky replacement and harmonization, which can automatically generate realistic and dramatic sky backgrounds in videos with controllable styles.

ViTMatte: Boosting Image Matting with Pretrained Plain Vision Transformers

hustvl/ViTMatte 24 May 2023

Recently, plain vision Transformers (ViTs) have shown impressive performance on various computer vision tasks, thanks to their strong modeling capacity and large-scale pretraining.

Intra-frame Object Tracking by Deblatting

rozumden/deblatting_python 9 May 2019

We propose a novel approach called Tracking by Deblatting based on the observation that motion blur is directly related to the intra-frame trajectory of an object.

Real-time deep hair matting on mobile devices

jtiger958/hair-segmentation-pytorch 19 Dec 2017

Augmented reality is an emerging technology in many application domains.

Semantic Human Matting

lizhengwei1992/Semantic_Human_Matting 5 Sep 2018

SHM is the first algorithm that learns to jointly fit both semantic information and high quality details with deep networks.

Towards Real-Time Automatic Portrait Matting on Mobile Devices

hyperconnect/MMNet 8 Apr 2019

We tackle the problem of automatic portrait matting on mobile devices.