Image Morphing

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Kornia: an Open Source Differentiable Computer Vision Library for PyTorch

kornia/kornia 5 Oct 2019

This work presents Kornia -- an open source computer vision library which consists of a set of differentiable routines and modules to solve generic computer vision problems.

Edge Detection Image Augmentation +7

Neural Best-Buddies: Sparse Cross-Domain Correspondence

sunniesuhyoung/DST 10 May 2018

Correspondence between images is a fundamental problem in computer vision, with a variety of graphics applications.

Image Morphing

Neural Crossbreed: Neural Based Image Metamorphosis

sanghunpark/neural_crossbreed 2 Sep 2020

We propose Neural Crossbreed, a feed-forward neural network that can learn a semantic change of input images in a latent space to create the morphing effect.

Image Morphing Style Transfer +1

Image Morphing with Perceptual Constraints and STN Alignment

noafish/MorphGAN 29 Apr 2020

In image morphing, a sequence of plausible frames are synthesized and composited together to form a smooth transformation between given instances.

Image Morphing

Barycenters of Natural Images -- Constrained Wasserstein Barycenters for Image Morphing

drorsimon/image_barycenters 24 Dec 2019

Image interpolation, or image morphing, refers to a visual transition between two (or more) input images.

Image Interpolation Image Morphing

Vulnerability Analysis of Face Morphing Attacks from Landmarks and Generative Adversarial Networks

bob/bob.paper.icassp2021_morph 9 Dec 2020

Morphing attacks is a threat to biometric systems where the biometric reference in an identity document can be altered.

Face Recognition Image Morphing