Image Shadow Removal

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Auto-Exposure Fusion for Single-Image Shadow Removal

tsingqguo/exposure-fusion-shadow-removal 1 Mar 2021

We conduct extensive experiments on the ISTD, ISTD+, and SRD datasets to validate our method's effectiveness and show better performance in shadow regions and comparable performance in non-shadow regions over the state-of-the-art methods.

Image Shadow Removal Shadow Removal

Robust Graph Learning from Noisy Data

sckangz/RGC 17 Dec 2018

The proposed model is able to boost the performance of data clustering, semisupervised classification, and data recovery significantly, primarily due to two key factors: 1) enhanced low-rank recovery by exploiting the graph smoothness assumption, 2) improved graph construction by exploiting clean data recovered by robust PCA.

General Classification graph construction +6

Mask-ShadowNet: Towards Shadow Removal via Masked Adaptive Instance Normalization

penguinbing/Mask-ShadowNet 19 Apr 2021

Shadow removal is an important yet challenging task in image processing and computer vision.

Image Shadow Removal Shadow Removal