Image Steganography

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Image Steganography is the main content of information hiding. The sender conceal a secret message into a cover image, then get the container image called stego, and finish the secret message’s transmission on the public channel by transferring the stego image. Then the receiver part of the transmission can reveal the secret message out. Steganalysis is an attack to the steganography algorithm. The listener on the public channel intercept the image and analyze whether the image contains secret information.

Source: Invisible Steganography via Generative Adversarial Networks


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SteganoGAN: High Capacity Image Steganography with GANs

DAI-Lab/SteganoGAN 12 Jan 2019

Image steganography is a procedure for hiding messages inside pictures.

Image Steganography

Multi-Image Steganography Using Deep Neural Networks

JapsimarSinghWahi/DeepSteganography 2 Jan 2021

Steganography is the science of hiding a secret message within an ordinary public message.

Image Steganography

End-to-end Trained CNN Encode-Decoder Networks for Image Steganography

qzramiz/End-To-End-Image-Steganography 20 Nov 2017

All the existing image steganography methods use manually crafted features to hide binary payloads into cover images.

Image Steganography SSIM

BASN -- Learning Steganography with Binary Attention Mechanism

adamcavendish/BASN-Learning-Steganography-with-Binary-Attention-Mechanism 9 Jul 2019

Secret information sharing through image carrier has aroused much research attention in recent years with images' growing domination on the Internet and mobile applications.

Image Steganography

Invisible Steganography via Generative Adversarial Networks

Neykah/isgan 23 Jul 2018

Nowadays, there are plenty of works introducing convolutional neural networks (CNNs) to the steganalysis and exceeding conventional steganalysis algorithms.

Image Steganography