Immune Repertoire Classification

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Hopfield Networks is All You Need

ml-jku/hopfield-layers ICLR 2021

The new update rule is equivalent to the attention mechanism used in transformers.

Modern Hopfield Networks and Attention for Immune Repertoire Classification

ml-jku/DeepRC NeurIPS 2020

We show that the attention mechanism of transformer architectures is actually the update rule of modern Hopfield networks that can store exponentially many patterns.

A Noisy-Label-Learning Formulation for Immune Repertoire Classification and Disease-Associated Immune Receptor Sequence Identification

tencentailabhealthcare/nll-irc 29 Jul 2023

Immune repertoire classification, a typical multiple instance learning (MIL) problem, is a frontier research topic in computational biology that makes transformative contributions to new vaccines and immune therapies.