Inductive Relation Prediction

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Inductive setting of the knowledge graph completion task. This requires a model to perform link prediction on an entirely new test graph with new set of entities.

Most implemented papers

Inductive Relation Prediction by Subgraph Reasoning

kkteru/grail ICML 2020

The dominant paradigm for relation prediction in knowledge graphs involves learning and operating on latent representations (i. e., embeddings) of entities and relations.

Communicative Message Passing for Inductive Relation Reasoning

TmacMai/CoMPILE_Inductive_Knowledge_Graph 16 Dec 2020

Relation prediction for knowledge graphs aims at predicting missing relationships between entities.

Inductive Relation Prediction by BERT

zhw12/BERTRL 12 Mar 2021

Relation prediction in knowledge graphs is dominated by embedding based methods which mainly focus on the transductive setting.

Neural Bellman-Ford Networks: A General Graph Neural Network Framework for Link Prediction

DeepGraphLearning/NBFNet NeurIPS 2021

To further improve the capacity of the path formulation, we propose the Neural Bellman-Ford Network (NBFNet), a general graph neural network framework that solves the path formulation with learned operators in the generalized Bellman-Ford algorithm.

Cycle Representation Learning for Inductive Relation Prediction

pkuyzy/cbgnn 6 Oct 2021

In this paper, we consider rules as cycles and show that the space of cycles has a unique structure based on the mathematics of algebraic topology.

Meta-Knowledge Transfer for Inductive Knowledge Graph Embedding

zjukg/morse 27 Oct 2021

In this paper, to achieve inductive knowledge graph embedding, we propose a model MorsE, which does not learn embeddings for entities but learns transferable meta-knowledge that can be used to produce entity embeddings.

Multi-Aspect Explainable Inductive Relation Prediction by Sentence Transformer

zhixiangsu/krst 4 Jan 2023

Recent studies on knowledge graphs (KGs) show that path-based methods empowered by pre-trained language models perform well in the provision of inductive and explainable relation predictions.

Inductive Relation Prediction from Relational Paths and Context with Hierarchical Transformers

jiaangl/report 1 Apr 2023

Relation prediction on knowledge graphs (KGs) is a key research topic.

Extending Transductive Knowledge Graph Embedding Models for Inductive Logical Relational Inference

tgebhart/sheaf_kg_transind 7 Sep 2023

In this work, we bridge the gap between traditional transductive knowledge graph embedding approaches and more recent inductive relation prediction models by introducing a generalized form of harmonic extension which leverages representations learned through transductive embedding methods to infer representations of new entities introduced at inference time as in the inductive setting.