Inference Optimization

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Most implemented papers

Input Convex Neural Networks

locuslab/icnn ICML 2017

We show that many existing neural network architectures can be made input-convex with a minor modification, and develop specialized optimization algorithms tailored to this setting.

Iterative Amortized Inference

joelouismarino/iterative_inference ICML 2018

The failure of these models to reach fully optimized approximate posterior estimates results in an amortization gap.

A General Method for Amortizing Variational Filtering

joelouismarino/amortized-variational-filtering NeurIPS 2018

We introduce the variational filtering EM algorithm, a simple, general-purpose method for performing variational inference in dynamical latent variable models using information from only past and present variables, i. e. filtering.

Easy and Efficient Transformer : Scalable Inference Solution For large NLP model

NetEase-FuXi/EET 26 Apr 2021

To fill such a gap, we introduce a scalable inference solution: Easy and Efficient Transformer (EET), including a series of transformer inference optimization at the algorithm and implementation levels.

A Novel 1D State Space for Efficient Music Rhythmic Analysis

mjhydri/1d-statespace 1 Nov 2021

Inferring music time structures has a broad range of applications in music production, processing and analysis.

ADJUST: A Dictionary-Based Joint Reconstruction and Unmixing Method for Spectral Tomography

mzeegers/ADJUST 21 Dec 2021

However, these methods inherently suffer from the ill-posedness of the joint reconstruction problem.